Grassroots Entrepreneurs How did do with the public number of sales on the 33 thousandshlf1314 AdS

secondly, the content should be in line with the WeChat public number. Content positioning should be a process, at the beginning of my content is picture books, animation, video, but the user reflects the child watching video on the phone, afraid of damage to the eye. So I changed to picture books, but later I felt that the pictures and pictures were infringing and changed into picture books and audio. Since my "classic book", the public is to share books, videos, pictures or audio, should be. But in addition, I also share articles. These articles are about parenting and family marriage.

the reason why I also share articles is from two

reported that the model is being promoted by MOFILE and shlf1314. MOFILE, head of Shanghai Gaoqin Communication Technology Co. Ltd. CEO Fan Qiuhua said that the so-called "revenue sharing" refers to the MOFILE on its website for the user to select a part of their personal video advertising, the advertising a half of the time for all users, the other half of the time for all MOFILE. The user account to the shlf1314 application advertising, personal blog or personal website in the private space, advertising played by MOFILE platform, and shlf1314 will be through the advertising account, half of the income will be returned to the user.

first, if the content of dry goods. I didn’t do what I play, WeChat public subscription first way is very clumsy, collecting a large number of useful data for mothers to picture in my sh419 cloud, and then to the forum, group released a micro signal I content.

know dad who is in half a year ago, there was no business model for him, only a dream, his wife and children, as well as a public account has ten thousand fans WeChat classic books jingdianhuiben, while he was worried how to do the project. Because of the confusion, he came to the I dark horse to find a solution. I dark horse gave sincere advice, and promised that if one day his project began to scale, you must give him a reporting channel. And now he’s done it……

if from the point of view of the development of users, the content must be original?. There are many ways to develop your users, and you don’t have to use an original, clumsy approach. If from the user’s point of view, the content must be original?. They need eggs that are valuable to them, rather than who is the "chicken""…… How do you do the content,

Internet industry a lot of people know, shlf1314 AdSense of shlf1314 as the most important way of advertising, through a quick and easy way to make all kinds of large scale website shlf1314 advertising business show and website content relevant and income. But shlf1314 AdSense used to be a collaboration between shlf1314 and its Web sites, and revenue sharing enabled ordinary users to join it as individuals, an innovation that could be described as a profit model.

reported that MOFILE currently has about 4000000 users, the web site generates more than 100 million pages per month access, the monthly visits to more than 10 million users. According to shlf1314 AdSense China insider, shlf1314 attaches great importance to the "revenue sharing" model, which will become one of shlf1314’s most important profit models. At present, MOFILE has formed a strategic alliance with shlf1314 and will push the model in the fourth quarter. editor’s name: admin02


I make 33 thousand of daily sales, by WeChat, the public number and the micro store. To sum up, I can be Niu Wenwen’s "self media practitioner" from content to user to relationship marketing.

my WeChat public number is a classic picture book. I have been maintaining for nearly a year, sharing pictures and parenting, and getting along with my husband and wife, and using the public number to make 33 thousand of my daily sales in February 24th. Before the week, the average daily sales were around ten thousand. My public subscription number was about 34 thousand at that time.

through content development user

2.24 early in the morning, I was in my micro shop posted a set price of 155 yuan of picture books, graphic news in the morning I made a public number, the user can tell me the subscription to the micro shop group purchase me this book, the day’s sales reached 33152.5. The next day to group purchase this book, but too many people to buy two in the afternoon shortage, have the shelf, but one morning sales 14637.5.

below for his contribution and performance screenshot.

"because MOFILE itself is overall positioned in the video sharing company, so it has a lot of user resources. By means of ‘revenue sharing’, users can gain tangible benefits while increasing the stickiness of the MOFILE site and bringing profits to the shlf1314 Corporation." Fan Qiuhua says.

      days ago from shlf1314 shlf1314 was informed that the Shanghai internal partners and channels of the summit, shlf1314 is a new type of "revenue sharing" advertising model. Through this innovative model, ordinary Internet users can cooperate with shlf1314 in their personal status and gain 50% of the advertising revenue.