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, why is this wave of "content entrepreneurship" happening today? Why didn’t it happen in the blog era and the micro-blog era?

wave of China’s basic mobile network facilities, switching from 3G to 4G, created this remarkable change, as well as the incredibly hot broadcast until last year. This is media >


then, does the user spend more time on content? Are users more willing to pay for content? In other words, how do content entrepreneurs make money?

company: software failure

you ask yourself, when you started your business, did anyone name you? No, I didn’t. Therefore, innovation and entrepreneurship must be self driven, is that he believes that this tricky.

20 years ago, the emergence of the Internet, the first to make content digital, making today, whether it is a variety of WeChat public number, today’s headlines, or "get", the cost of the channel is basically 0. The evolution to today, we are in the era of mobile Internet, mobile phone using this medium, and multiple dimensions of audience by tagging location, social relationships, real time online, once again achieved a revolutionary improvement efficiency.

boss said: "Xiao Wang, I think you are good, you go to an innovative project."".

who’s going to pay for the content,

Ali’s experience is that, which is to restore it into the entrepreneurial environment, the success rate is high.

so, we all sit down and replay: why we failed

, we review Ali software, a sudden to two hundred million, I think it is money to give too much.

The .

innovation is not only a waste of money, but also the biggest waste of the company’s strategic opportunities.

editor’s note: why big company innovation is a little difficult? Why would encounter the dilemma of entrepreneurs is difficult to turn the ship? Because? Casaarte fund co-founder and chairman, former Alibaba group executive vice president Wei Zhe think, probably just because the big companies did not find the way. The appointment of a project team, a lot of money lost, the effect may not be too good. At the same time, Wei Zhe also gave us a share of how Ali entrepreneurial.

every company has "big company" style: the appointment of a man of great ability, the company deployed a team organization, capital, resources, innovation usually do so, have a high failure rate.

Later, The low efficiency of


was the software investment of 200 million yuan, for two years, but nothing came, no done.

to improve innovation efficiency, the most important thing is, first restore to "empty handed wolf" in the entrepreneurial environment.

has too much money. You use the company’s team and say, "I’m boss"

text, sound, pictures, video, live broadcast…… In recent years, the content of production in full swing, the "new" content explosion, so that the content of several orders of magnitude more than before.

five years ago, I invested in a company called B station, and we are its first round of investors. At that time we still think this is what a ghost, how people will see the video in such a strange manner? Last December I find them, they say such a thing, 4G active users online crowd rose to UV on the 20% day.

in the past year, I have been frequently asked how to look at content entrepreneurship in a variety of speech occasions. I think the most important thing is to answer the two questions from the macro logic first, why the content entrepreneurship, and why it happened today,

from the media changes, determines the new content of each era of entrepreneurship / production of the major premise and pattern.

printing and papermaking spread from sheepskin to paper, steep media cost down to 1% Note 2, be able to bear the cost of content producers and receivers gradually expanded to the University from the monastery and local lords. 200 years ago, the advent of steam presses reduced costs to at least 20% Note 3 for the first time to reduce the cost of content production, dissemination and consumption to a generally acceptable level. This is the basis of what we know about the emergence of the last wave of modern media industry.

2, innovation is not money smashed

, let’s talk about content entrepreneurship.

Wang boss promised under the despotic power.

in 1074, a priest in Bavaria carried a sheepskin roll and went out and returned to a vineyard. You may ask the parchment and how so valuable? You know a sheep’s skin can make a parchment book page 12.5 Note 1, a "Xinhua Dictionary" do you have to kill a whole hillside cattle.


in 2007, Ali wanted to be a company called Ali software. The dream was great: one dollar a day, using world-class software. That is, let small and medium-sized enterprises pay a dollar a day, you can use enterprise software.

at that time, Ali has hundreds of thousands of paid small and medium enterprises, technically also has a very good team. We felt that the matter would come to pass.

did not volunteer, but was appointed to lead the army.

in fact, his heart also feel that this is not reliable, he has no confidence, but can not say.

Alibaba is not a god company, and Alibaba has made many mistakes.

more money, people will become silly.

1, innovation is not appointed