Lele February 2008 4th week 02 18 02 24 Commission and event bonus will be settled today remittanPe

  the fourth week of February 2008 02 March 18 -02 on day 24 and "cash rebate Commission ringtones" activities will be held today 2008 02 bonus 25 July settlement, remittance, in order to ensure you can receive commissions, please check your bank account seriously. And pay attention to the account, if you are in the 02 month 29 days have not received our commission please contact us, such as individual members can invoice, please send the following address or telephone contact with us: 010-62637286-32   

when issuing invoices, please pay attention to the following:
   ;     1; issued invoices for the local tax service invoices.
          2, payable to: Beijing Lele Interactive Technology Co.,   written: information fee of
          3, please as soon as possible after receiving the payment invoice, thanks to the support and cooperation of everyone!

Lele membership alliance That in Jiangxi and a sister station chat a few days before the

invoice mailing address: Beijing city Haidian District Road No. 1 Jin Yuan mall B District Office 1509

, she is now in a Ganzhou home shopping network, you may be unbelievable small appliances such as mobile phone, digital products, a class can do razor, refrigerator, washing machine do these people buy online shopping? Because there are certainly no doubt. People are willing to do, but the sister did not hesitate to do, why she do? She saw a news "Wen Jiabao tell you that this year the state investment subsidies for home appliances from 9 billion yuan last year increased to 15 billion yuan, can stimulate domestic demand about 100000000000. This policy should adhere to at least 5 years, you can pull more than 500 billion of household electrical appliances sales. He encouraged enterprises to continue to follow the road of innovation at the critical moment of the financial crisis, and to design and develop the needs of the rural market to further meet the needs of farmers. To win the market by high quality, low cost and diversification. Whether the appliance can go to the countryside is of vital importance. On the morning of 2, Wen Jiabao also made a special trip to the beginning of last year was identified as the home appliances sales outlets in Jimo Yatai electrical appliances supermarket, understand the sales of home appliances to the countryside ". He hoped that the supermarket workers to seize the new year’s day to the Spring Festival this sales season, to accelerate the implementation of "home appliances to the countryside" subsidy policy, expanding consumer demand, and promote steady and rapid economic development." She saw the business opportunities from the news, immediately make the analysis judgment: home appliances to the countryside will have at least five years of development opportunities, take immediate action: the first step: city leaders to write because she is a laid-off worker, hoping to get the support of the government, the second step is to build the electronic mall mall farmer friend to her buy home appliances also get subsidies for the purchase channels what would.

;   4, please note your ID number on the invoice, which is beneficial for us to verify

before discussing this topic we look at 2: a xinhuanet: Hubei people online shopping over 18 million yuan in hb.xinhuanet/newscenter/2009-01/06/content_15374501.htm, another one is: the Spring Festival approaching wallet tightening "to avoid the winter http://s.news.cnnb.cn/system/2009/01/06/005948117.shtml online shopping special purchases for the Spring Festival   and in the case of the global economic downturn, online shopping has become one of the most hot topic. Why online shopping by the hot pet, but also to our webmaster hint: do online shopping site promising, may be 09 years, one of the most profitable sites. Many friends said that now they have innumerable shopping sites, good purchase channels do people and the lack of the experience on the market is not easy to distinguish true and false information, this time we need to do some webmaster friends to guide, of course the profit model can be also click on the ads, and businesses can do together, etc. you have a web site traffic and popularity, do not worry about money.