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origin by both sides lack of precise and controllable communication channels

this is a discussion of personal webmaster Wangzhuan prospect of paste technology, it can not avoid the mention of my own station. You can see this article as an ad sticker with a bit of technical content. Those who do not like can leave at once. But I believe if you take a few minutes to read this passage. There must be some feeling. Some new ideas.

I contact the Internet for 7 years

by the end of 2011, Li had found a child English training teacher for his child. After a query, he was depressed to find that there was no way to get information about the teacher’s degree of professionalism, teaching style, student evaluation and so on. When chatting, Li Yonggen’s friends talk about their troubles, I did not expect everyone to have similar experiences. This allows media origin, the business, the Internet industry has a wealth of understanding, Li Yong began to pay attention to this market.

business team business card


after further investigation, Li Yong found that demand and training institutions and teachers, lack of "low cost, education and training institutions can control / audience accurate marketing channels, and training the promotion and dissemination of individual teachers can obtain is limited to the promotion of resources institutions".

the directional discussion took less than 2 weeks. First wanted to comment. Students want to find satisfactory teachers, teachers want to promote themselves, reviews the most effective way. But it’s not easy to make comments. How do basic data come from? The accumulation of data is a very slow process. And comment is static, in order to obtain user reviews is also very difficult, it takes time to accumulate." Chalk net marketing director Shuai branch memories.  

  the most eye-catching page of the chalk net is a series of data, "communicating with 53 fields and 693 certified masters."." Site screenshots

positioning simple educational and training interactive platform

from APP applied to network course video to social networking platform, from early childhood to examination training to interest, education in the field of mobile application has gradually penetrated into our daily life, but entrepreneurs and capital to demonstrate the potential of mobile application in the field of education full enthusiasm. The first half of 2012, the main educational field of social interaction "chalk net" product has not been on-line, it has received IDG million yuan of investment.

. Experience, like most people, from indulging in online games to finally eating on the internet. I ended up with a small Web Consulting Ltd. To guide enterprises on the internet. By consulting and building a website. But because see or hear that a legendary Wangzhuan story. Have been wondering how to do traffic Wangzhuan, do a few "junk" station. And made a little money. But the more I do, the more I feel guilty. Look back at the legend. It’s virtually impossible to copy. But they also found that only legal loophole to do some speculation. How many people have cheated the hard-earned money?. The most typical example is the age of SP. Borrow a word of chairman "to have, the number of truly great men also see"

startup 4 group, and finally the product direction as "exclusive education"

, throw away the stories. In front of the personal Adsense in addition to standing at the top of the wise I always think Chinese individual stationmaster is the wisdom of the day had a wild stock or floating clouds like gods, enjoy life. Most webmasters still face more and more perfect regulation system, more and more risk, lower unit price, less and less check. When you sigh and melancholy. I can tell you responsibly. This is not really a cold winter, but in the near future, when the law is sound. When we resolutely put an end to copyright infringement, piracy is just like grabbing pornography now. These movies, pictures and so on free resources to eat the webmaster who should go from here?. Perhaps not unexpected, but most webmaster dare not think, do not think..

to get down to business now, but I’m a verbose person. Please tell me what to

in March 2012, Li Yong resigned, resigned, and his 3 colleagues. In early April, Li Yongjia next to the cafe, one of the 4 core team began to discuss the direction of product.

now popular several Wangzhuan is nothing but an offline MLM model pull a cheat strong BS belongs to a wicked person, guide the registration, such as sub pay. And promotion type click ads and mobile downloads registered. We are from legal and moral aspects to analyze this several Wangzhuan mode.
root 1, pull off the assembly line is illegal fraud. Advise what you are doing and do what you are ready to do.
2, guide the registration, although there are suspected of inducing the consumer. But there are willing to play, willing to suffer. Too much