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basically speaking, the network circle is divided into four circles: Taobao circle, SEO webmaster circle, micro business circle, bidding profiteering product circle

we can see from the diagram that most of the mainstream media channels have been covered. The idea is to use their own media channels, guide powder to WeChat subscription number, and then marketing. The core of this matrix lies in the WeChat subscription number cluster, which is divided into ABCD.. And other subscription numbers, and outputs specific content for different target populations.

users have a wide range of products, the majority of the adoption of this form. Subdivided into, such as chicken soup category subscription number, character class subscription number, car category subscription number, funny class subscription number and so on, mostly for the grassroots marketing team, content mostly reproduced or pseudo original, and even direct plagiarism.

do the chain, post, make all kinds of content updates, more mechanized, too technical work will make many webmaster thinking more stubborn, so their profit model is relatively single and backward

derivative no circle at all, but because the ten year old beauty, Miracle Mask and other brands in the micro business wantonly rampant, and put an old pattern: MLM, after taking the micro circle of friends, resulting in a large number of people into the micro business

matrix class two: specific

most still rely on Taobao customers, advertising and other money, in fact, this is not the most profitable, I made a friend of SEO, the daily flow of thousands, but a month income is thousands of dollars, but he was very satisfied, recently has been planning to spend a year time to do a few websites, so that his income can enhance! I can Oh

this circle is the most serious polarization, do big bigger and bigger, cruel to give little Seller any opportunity, Tmall double 11 has explained everything, and the small seller threshold is higher and higher!

is very bitter, the big bad situation, but still hide some Taobao master, the operation is extremely violent, every day is very relaxed, these people generally are either good resources or head really spirit, always find a blue ocean of violence products! Two words: newbier

at the same time this circle many expert, engage in the black hat, make stand group, earn money is quite hard, but this is really belongs to a small number of people, many legends, seen really rarely, because these are generally made of grey! So very low!

is from the media matrix, is about to spend less money to bring the Big Mac users, because WeChat exists, subscription number spread yiqijuechen. Let’s look at a self – media matrix diagram: from the network

matrix category 1: wide cast

can say that it’s easy to suck the powder when you subscribe to the bonus period. But now it’s all over, the user >

and the above two different, there is one, that is, the establishment of a number of public numbers, and in sh419 hundred, know almost, today’s headlines and so on, there are columns, but the content of each channel is almost the same. The authors of this approach are often individuals, and experts in some field, which we call KOL. In the blog era, they won a large number of fans in the crowd. Its characteristic is maintains the fine original, the article quality is high, the viewpoint is sharp. Typical of such large financial help.

Although !

has been in touch with friends from all walks of life for a while, learning a lot, and knowing the actual situation of many circles.

when the user’s attention is on WeChat, it is clear that enterprises need to do WeChat subscription number. Look at other people’s subscription number one hundred thousand fans read, and the number of points like flying, do not spend a penny to get thousands of new registered users, you can not be jealous? A subscription number is clearly not enough, so more and more enterprises begin to try from the media matrix.


user groups are relatively narrow, set up several high-quality subscription numbers around the target population, each subscription number output is different, but the user group is more consistent in some attributes. Large companies often adopt this kind of.

!One of the most bitter people

myself online also mixed up for four or five years, today for me in recent years to understand the grass-roots circles of the status of a summary,

matrix is from the media content, its mode of operation are: with the film, for example, take a good name, such as film, film Daquan; content from Douban, poison, blog, website, other subscription number reproduced or pseudo original; the title change, when a qualified the Title of the party, and then suck powder. When the WeChat subscription number just came up, a good name could add up to thousands of new ones every day.

third: micro business circle

The main means of powder

is also the existence of relatively large polarization, many of the early years have been successful transformation of the webmaster, but most of them are still relatively hard to force,

In fact,

had a friend playing lol, lol Raiders registered a subscription number, every day from 17173 reprint articles, subscription number exceeded 200 thousand within a year, a month gets through the WeChat article below the banner advertising into a million.

says the first one: the Taobao circle,

everyone is selling mask >

while Taobao circle and the four kinds of people, we often see a variety of news, so Taobao sudden death such news, pictures, purchase goods, customer service, delivery, processing refunds, promotion and so on all kinds of chores, there may have been a person alive two couples in the completion, can not tired? So nearly two years also saw some of the owner had started " a ", but also to Amoy; a bitter portrayal of Taobao.


second: SEO webmaster circle