How to use Taobao and advertising to make moneyLi Shanyou Sun Wukong is the founder of cool 6 mature

The young Summarize the content of the construction of

went back and I did an e-commerce site in his own way, www.lining-china, an e-commerce website for Lining stores and Lining sneakers.

see "journey to the west", especially love to see the monkey king Sun Wukong in the period, he felt good prestige, on the world sea, who are equal to anything, he can not do nothing, is really worthy of the name of the "Monkey King"! Especially not love west Sun Wu in the period of time, a really stupid! A mouse sperm, can make him helpless; a fine cow, could have killed him. Encounter difficulties, not to go to Avalokiteshvara, is to ask the emperor, good useless, good not ambition! After the start, suddenly have a new understanding of "journey to the west": from Sun Wukong before, just a single molecule from destruction; after that, he has a mission, is the actual entrepreneurial team responsible person. An independent occupation person, he is only responsible for their own related business, business ability is the most important of his ability, in this context, he has full opportunity to display and display space, it is easy to become an individual hero. An entrepreneur, invisible among his responsibilities and need to be responsible for the categories of more than a hundredfold, this time, comprehensive ability required far beyond his own professional ability, it has been not suitable for personal heroism in his new role. What he needs now is how to make full use of the internal and external resources and connections to help him solve his own problems and difficulties that he is unable to solve.

meets you, can you find someone to help you? That’s the key to your success. It requires a lot of connections to help you solve the problem. That’s important. Let me give you an example. After starting an undertaking, I found that I needed bandwidth. I needed a lot of bandwidth. I didn’t touch this line before. I didn’t have the resources. What can I do? I can only find friends to help me. One of my classmates introduced me to a friend of Beijing Netcom. Beijing Netcom said, "give you one of the most favorable prices, an G, 1 million 200 thousand a year.". It takes a lot of G to do video, and a G isn’t enough

attended a Harbin local party chief, to see a lot of local expert, summed up their deficiencies, most of them are on SEO and long-term promotion brings huge traffic and good reputation, which also has to do e-commerce, there are a lot of orders every day. And sh419 keyword, he also ranked first place.

just started but don’t know how to do, then think of Taobao, I will carefully the Internet, find a lot of Taobao stores, compared with the price, choose a few shops in the information collection, the completion of the initial construction.

, I was senior vice president and editor in chief of Sohu. Although the position is very high, in fact, I am just a part manager role. I try to do as long as the Sohu content can be, I do not care about the company’s financial problems, do not care about income, do not care about the technical problems, of course, do not care about the Industrial and Commercial Bureau and tax bureau etc.. I am just one of the company’s grand system, which is a specific block, and I will do it, just inside the professional ability. When you really start a business, you will find that you are faced with a wide variety of problems, completely beyond imagination and beyond your capabilities. Your talent is just one aspect of talent, when you want to bear all the responsibility, all in all you need to do things inside, you only have a direct processing capacity for 1% of them, how to do the other 99%? Never mind you do not, you can find someone else to to help you. So, with a mature mentality, the late Sun Wukong mature much more than the previous Sun Wukong.

process, +seo+ code + entity, this is my way of higher.


is followed by the optimization of the internal structure, I do not do this, not only reference to optimization of good website, the level directory, change the template, especially simple and easy to use, and then submitted to the search engine.

then is the optimization, the first is to optimize the site structure, the program chose the PHP, the efficiency is higher, the pseudo static generation of the kind.

finally, is paid to buy connection, this is actually a key personal feeling, soon, sh419, shlf1314 included, but the ranking is not good, then I will at all sites to buy connection, a week about 2, about 3, bought about 1 months, finally, a few my key to the first page, IP is not too much, about 500, but almost 1/5 of the customers are the real buyers, I will supply and Harbin local dealer Lining to discuss, there has been a lot of orders.

Before I started In September,

has been doing more than a year. Before doing the website, it has been sending articles by hand. The efficiency is very low, and the expenditure is relatively large. The training period is long and the profit is more difficult.