Virtual son rain electricity supplier circle four strange phenomenon at several methods of Longfeng

we see the map to know a station that was in the home occupied the four position, and two stations are his two website a second, first tenth, the owners of the cattle X degree as can be imagined. As far as I know, the child is a student station the first phase of the Shanghai dragon money expert rain brother, seems to get rain brother advice. You can go to his blog to see some methods he shared, or good. This is due to the child brother’s execution, and find some weight higher site posts and links, make full use of the love of Shanghai.

three strange phenomena: belong to the same person in four position and he about two

is a strange phenomenon: love Shanghai search box

two strange phenomena: the bottom search

you can see the bottom search business related search are not relevant, especially in the row in front of the mall, we found that the business district is still dominated the first second electric shopping guide, and we can find the general is the long tail word, is expanding from the business circle and the business circle, such as beauty. Comfortable electric district, Wuhan business circle. Don’t know if you heard of love bottom marketing no, is the use of brush method, let the relevant search keywords, estimates there are a lot of people use this method in business competition, the individual is not recommended to do anything, I love one step at a time.

Hello, good for a long time did not write the article, today I had to check the recent business circle are violent sprint stage of the contest results, found many strange phenomena, so I had to sigh now do Shanghai dragon owners too much, really should be a sentence: not impossible, only unexpected way. Business competition in the eyes of many people is a bluff to help promote their website game, though utilitarian is relatively strong, but had to admire the green outfit planning is still very good, on the basis of previous research done so much is very good.

many people wonder why their search keywords will be in love Shanghai search box appears inside some of the words of others, such as power shopping mall, business guide, KKK103 business circle, we can look at these three words the results page, in the first row is a station, do not want to say such a station site, because not love its operating practices, because of this he is obviously out of the brush. But this method is a rapid method to obtain the very good ranking love Shanghai. If you search for a keyword search found below the relevant recommendation, it must be very interesting, we will inadvertently Click to look at someone else’s website. This is not recommended for everyone to do, because we do love will certainly be found in Shanghai, Shanghai love I guess there will be some restrictions.