The true value of the anchor text is to enhance the user experience and website ranking

third: do not hold the simulated user recommended thinking to do anchor text

: the first anchor text number is best not more than three

mentioned Scindapsus algorithm when browsing this article, believe that users will want to know the details of green ideas, so Zac is the anchor text of the word, and he pointed to a recent report on Scindapsus algorithm to blog, allowing users to learn more, it can effectively improve the the user of the site viscosity, Shanghai dragon Er should also learn Zac when adding anchor text, only to fully meet the needs of users of the anchor text is really meaningful.


Why can

in fact, I think, in today’s user experience is king of the times, the real value of the anchor text should be to enhance the user experience, rather than the so-called website ranking. Now I would like to think, discuss, the true value of the anchor text and how the anchor text will enhance the user experience.

When An article in

the Shanghai dragon theory tells us that there is a point to your site’s anchor text in the website of the other side, it is the website users push >

also refers to the anchor text has irreplaceable function to enhance the website ranking, but too much for the anchor text site failed to lay a curse, an article as the following website:

second: to meet the needs of users is the anchor text of valuable

as many as five or six anchor text, you call the user too much to handle so much! See bold font, riotous with colour, I believe that no user is willing to go on. Originally an article five hundred or six hundred words on the word, the anchor text number will distract attention, improve the bounce rate, so the number of websites, the anchor text the author suggests an article best not more than three, but not every article, pointing to a link should not only point to the home page, do the anchor text diversification, can not let the user feel disgusted.

in the past Shanghai dragon view, the anchor text is a quick tool to enhance the web site keywords ranking, whether the chain or do in the station, the anchor text is the first choice of Shanghai dragon er. With the new algorithm love Shanghai introduced, weight of the anchor text is much less than before, but still a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in the station will use the text editor. When using the anchor text, you do not know Shanghai dragon Er have seriously thought about the true value of the anchor text is


anchor text to enhance the user experience? The main reason is that the anchor text can effectively meet the needs of users. It might be very abstract, on the Zac blog an article for example, please see below: