The new period less fat content and the chain in the end do not reliable

we know that the chain is the optimization of a necessary step, can improve the ranking and transmission weights of keywords, and can improve the optimization target station on the Internet exposure, is conducive to the website optimization. There is a new observation period in love in Shanghai, although the official did not do more to explain, if the structure, contents and new chain do well enough, but also can make the website in advance of the assessment period, we (from the content and the chain), the two aspects of structure analysis, the content of the railway station and the chain number reliable


two: the structure of the website


when there is a lack of information, publish information on the Internet portal is the most valuable, this is the era of Web1.0, and as more and more companies have joined the tide of the Internet, the information spread to every corner of the search engine and portal has charm, Web2.0 tide came into being, people look up to meet their needs things in different nodes; but when the information becomes more and more serious and growth in geometry class, and aggregation of information screening was the most vital, because people start to face massive information of the Internet feel helpless, also began to dispute the efficiency and effect of use, so Web3.0 came into being. Web3.0 will be 2 on the basis of the Internet, let more personalized, precise and intelligent. Then, the polymerization of the Internet era in the Web3.0 personality, uniqueness and richness of information can surely get the favor of search engine; then the chain of the new and original content how many? Most of us hear the new long assessment period in Shanghai, its content and the chain is not much hair, just steadily dozens of can, therefore, most of the owners generally choose the domain name age is old, so the chain of new and original content is not suitable for a large number of

: the content and the chain

at this stage, a large number of repeat and full of spam on the Internet, so please believe that search engine is love little meat, because there is love, go to Shanghai algorithm algorithm, so we can collect and pseudo original content in the original content, Different people, different views., most of us in ten or even five. So, I can not help but ask: why do you think ten or less are safe? And more than a little higher or not? We know when publishing content, adhere to a principle: daily / weekly update; similarly, we are steadily at the same time, send a the quantity and quality of the content, then, what is not? We can combine the chain point of view, I mentioned above to optimize the role of the chain, the exposure and the transmission weight is more important, In the hair of the chain or less exchange under the condition of the chain, how can we improve the target optimization of exposure station and its corresponding weight?, not enough support, the chain is not multiple. So let’s website structure node;

site structure, we must first URL structure simplification, and try to.