The new Media Metrix calculation of cross platform service Public opinions are divergent

as the new service can not repeat the measurement of views, according to the latest comScore website ranking reflects the impact of mobile devices more and more.

years, the network media service development, reflects the changes in the Internet and user behavior, before using Media Metrix Syncapse product marketing, comScore has been sold to the largest Kalehoff company.

data set on the widely used Media Metrix, mobile Metrix, Video Metrix, from comScore Analytics (analysis) package direction start service. This means that the audience can now be collected data from the desktop computer, intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer, video and Application on site see. Digital media performance measures of multi platform Media Metrix has more than 300 thousand.

Based on the new

"mobile devices popular recently and the appropriate application of Torgovnik sequence into a popular service with a new paradigm of" mobile first "comScore multi platform capable of rating," Kalehoff A "to the definition of electronic commerce, more complete Internet activity is very important, because the audience and activities can not be measured accurately, so it can not measure, buy or sell."

mobile data from the desktop to provide the number of non repetition, help publishers and advertisers know how to get content can be spread.

Kalehoff said: "the ordinary family to use the computer is mainly to browse the web browser, measuring these users view the web page of the data collected through regular mail software disk data". General services including the workplace and a large audience, many smaller real-time network data collection, analysis and user more complex, data integration and analysis of the main market expansion. "

global digital measurement company comScore this week launched its new Media Metrix multi platform service report, which will give publishers and advertisers to better understand how their content is more widely seen on the internet.