Owners used the blog comments type promotion can prosper long

two: mutual evaluation opportunities in


: a review with hyperlinks

what kind of website search engines love? Even in a blog, the article is most people from the top, also affect the web site in the search engine’s weight, and longer residence time when IP and a variety of user easier access to search engine reliability. The popularity of the flourishing of itself up, even the search engine doesn’t love? So to improve the weight of blog in the search engine, but also one of the reasons for the PHEI blog. But if only so, if not every change IP, saving time is.

message with connection can be included in search engines, many owners think so, because in the past the traditional blog these practices are proven. But when the environment changes today will also benefit? In the independent blog comment, understand the rules of the Shanghai dragon er know all mainstream blog programs, such as: Z-blog and WordPress are added "nofollow" in the message, even if the spider climb over to not to grab the link. So on the first point, the only links with the comment, or forget it, to end the blogger delete tiring, the message is zero return

a blog, even if you write to stick the actual combat experience, technology is superb, but write after seeing no one, even if the customer see also will find you? Peer review blog >

three: won the search engine weight

manufacturing illusion of prosperity

when customers access to a blog to cooperate in the of time, suddenly see blog has a number of related blog can provide service, should be multiple choice? So many bloggers PHEI also completely with this purpose. But the user doesn’t have time looking at hundreds of messages will pick, not to mention the search engine results more right. On the other hand, there are some message in order to promote their commodity turnover. As in the blog comment on some of the life and information and so on, but such irrelevant content, to the last is also will be blogger deleted. What’s more, now independent blog, which is not a few brush? Even if shopping will not go to your customers preferred to Taobao.


network marketing, has emerged in the Internet more hot today, even if the money to do the search engine promotion also meet the eye everywhere. It is because of its value, in the Shanghai dragon Er world is there a lot to the network marketing and the actual blog group. By sharing the experience of its own, won popularity in the network, the customer recognition, able to accomplish marketing. However, the blog is what to rely on to promote their own? Compared with the traditional site is more than a "comment" promotion that said, even overnight bring hundreds of messages in a blog is not impossible. However, comment on the promotion of the seemingly thriving prosperity but also how long? This is from the "peer review" the significance of speaking: