Novice webmaster about doing the actual effect brought by the chain

Hello, I am 90 novice webmaster. Has published several articles in the A5 response is also ok. When love is in search of Shanghai, we can also find a lot of websites to my article, a little sense of achievement, but I know the road to do stand long, I would like to search up and down.

long ago heard to do website, "content is king, the chain for the emperor". So, there is much role growth visible outside the chain of a website. But although I heard many people say that, but they have never experienced the effects of the chain. Before I was rich in the content of the website, although the website article is Google and can also love Shanghai included, but the daily traffic website is still not much, most of which are attracted by the long tail words flow. So, I think it should be in the chain link, so I crammed outside the chain of knowledge, and to the practical application.

first, I have several blogs, because my spare time is not much, the number of blog is not much, I can say that to ensure the quality of blog updates, practice is only followed in the blog link to my website. But after love Shanghai update, I searched the reverse link, and found that the chain blog do but part of it is included. In the excitement at the same time, I also to cheer myself up, I thought I should update some high quality original blog, after all keep is very useful.

There is more to find some PR>

then, I realized that the love of Shanghai know, Search ask questions page importance, know this chain received good results. So, I love Shanghai registered account, in Shanghai by way of answering the question that left a link. Of course, now love Shanghai review is very strict, so the link is not an easy thing. My suggestion is that the first update the article in Shanghai love space, where I suggest that you should pay attention to space to love Shanghai. Because here the article was collected a great chance of being included, and very quickly, but the best is the original article, here to write many good results than blog. When the numbers of your space to the more, you can answer the Questions page space to stay your links in Shanghai know this love, the spider will follow the link through your site in the article link up to your site, increase traffic to your spider site. I use this method to increase traffic to the website’s times, the effect is really very obvious.

is now the mainstream of the chain, is nothing more than the chain blog, BBS signature of the chain, the chain of the soft law forum post outside the chain, the chain Links method, method of answering the "know love Shanghai. These methods is probably right, specific methods to meet the eye everywhere in the webmaster online, want to have specific knowledge of friends can go and see, I will not specifically how each method should operate. I just want to say that I have been using these methods what effect.