Analysis of those you have not seen the chain

H1 label.

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Add the chain



there is no thought, our own website can do anchor text links, also can do the hyperlink oh. If shown, leave your website link on your website content page (hyperlink). This link has become the premise effective link is the current page indexed by search engines. If you want to link to query this link is valid, please read the examples of how to identify the chain is the chain of

now the chain work is really more difficult, not easy to find the hyperlink, or invalid link, or nofollow. Leaving only pure text links. Even the most love love love Shanghai Shanghai know, Wikipedia has become even more difficult. Remember to love Shanghai know to add a chain is easy. Now 6 love Shanghai but also know the account is a love, Shanghai seems to know set up a mechanism, an account of the same chain can be added only once, second times by adding the rate is very low (day, hard upgrade can only get a chain). In a few days and share what we have not done from the chain.


compared to pure text links do not seem to.




title is not on the label link link, I can responsibly tell you that is. This is the method of few webmaster to do, we can do this together can also set the B2B and some blogs on sites like in their website, I once tried on the B2B website registered accounts using title tag set, left site link, after Shanghai included love. This link is indeed effective link. As the weight of the link, I think at least than in the article to be high, because of the weight of > title; H1 > the label.

on his website title tags add links is definitely a very crazy things, but to add their own website on the H1 tag of link seems to be so crazy, because we can see these H1 tags add link sample. And along with the increased weight of their own website, the weights of these links have gone up. Of course, our thinking can not be confined to their own website, similar to B2B, video website, website information release etc.. As long as can appear pure text links, text links we can use this method to make weight slightly higher, since we can do, Why not??

Title add link label