The webmaster do not update the snapshot of the misunderstanding of love Shanghai

said the following necessary conditions that Shanghai snapshot update, love Shanghai snapshot update is updated according to the importance of website content and timeliness, many owners also met the love of Shanghai snapshot not updated for a long time, the love of spiders in Shanghai to build a new website does not consider the value of the index, so if you want to make your site updated snapshot or, from the importance of the content of the website and the timeliness of improvement.

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through the two paragraph above description, the author emphasizes the website access frequency and website snapshot is without any direct relationship. As a webmaster should correctly understand the difference between love and love Shanghai Shanghai snapshot grab frequency, which will give Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon late ER plays the role of the enemy awareness. No longer because of love "

love Shanghai why want to update

love and love Shanghai Shanghai snapshot grab frequency difference

some people will ask my site every day but has not included the snapshot update, in fact, this is also part of the above mentioned Shanghai, love the spider crawling website basically is the frequency of update frequency and keep the content of the web site. In Shanghai love love Shanghai algorithm, the spider will more website update frequency to calculate the best crawl the website frequency, which is why Shanghai dragon often referred to the rules to update the site, regular update website is the result of love Shanghai spiders crawl the website regularly, to ensure a reasonable interaction of the spider, which website the content included fast. Although the spider regular visit sites, but because the website content love Shanghai spider that has not enough importance and timeliness, so there is no order to set up a website to update the snapshot index.


love Shanghai snapshot is actually love Shanghai spiders in the site of a time the contents of the record and establish the corresponding time index, the time of the establishment of the index is the love of Shanghai snapshot. In fact, in the love of Shanghai search engine database will establish the index, some owners sometimes encounter love Shanghai sometimes backwards, in some extreme cases, the search engine may select the snapshot version is different from the current search results, resulting in the snapshot back time. This has no effect on the web site in the search engine’s performance, does not represent the search engine to the site down the right treatment. So as a webmaster, or there is a need to know some love Shanghai snapshot of commonsense knowledge, lest some owners encounter these problems, blindly vote.

recently in the group, and the webmaster exchange, there are many owners complain about their website snapshot not update, update that is in love with the sea many sites down the right, in fact, this is a completely wrong understanding, such as the Xi’an website construction sites also encountered this kind of problem and a love of Shanghai official the document, we finally realize the true value of love there is not enough to understand Shanghai, today I love Shanghai and the rest of the snapshot.

love Shanghai snapshot not update