Why don’t you website ranking stable whether know the reason

believes the real do optimization webmaster all know the importance of a stable and rapid development of the web server for a long time. If we can’t go into the server is not stable enough, or often, so when we meet the site spider feeding condition, when the spider encounter isn’t open, so naturally will not give you a good impression, if in the long way, it is not included the content of the website and slow snapshot K, or plucking station (especially new station). So if you want your website to have a good development, good rankings, don’t buckle cable on the server or space above, otherwise you will regret it.

(a), fast and stable server space.

"content is king, the chain for emperor" is the Shanghai dragon circles the truth will never change, so we under the premise of good content, the chain work is also very important, and we can be found in every time I love Shanghai update the chain will be.

(two) arrange the layout of the site.

we all know, the search engine spiders are very popular in the original content, so we want to attract spiders, the quality of the original content is undoubtedly the best method, so that the original quality content as much as we can to release some correlation, of course for those lazy webmaster, original is false desirable, but must do a little is certain to the persistence, not three days fishing nets two days of drying, it can never succeed.

a good love Shanghai by highlighting the favored site naturally can not be ignored to the layout of the site layout, then to what elements as a reference, it is a reasonable layout? The author simple and we explain, because a variety of different industries, the layout of the structure is also different, but the only change is to use HTML code to build reasonable, easy to use pictures, flash and some spiders can’t grab content. So in the end what according to the layout, the author suggested that we can do a survey according to the user’s preference to construct, of course can also refer to the authoritative industry site to imitate, so that we can build the website naturally good layout.

today is Friday, as usual, will observe the site keywords ranking and some other day, love Shanghai update yesterday, I believe that many owners with the author experience each update will be less nervous, because the keyword ranking always falls up instability. But after observation found that some sites is very stable, no matter how the search engine update, keywords ranking has stabilized. Then the author today for these unstable factors to share with you, hope to help you master.

(four) outside the chain of stable and high quality.

(three) whether the original content, quality.