To pay attention to the webmaster site inside and outside the chain of golden ratio

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like I do this station of Zhengzhou leaves clothing is van sickle, clothing mall site within the chain is fixed, not too many words, the product description description in a little less, the chain is relatively small, so you need to do a lot of optimization in the station, each page should have the home page and the inside pages link to increase page links, to increase the link in the station, in order to meet this ratio.

chain can be divided into three types:

3 reprint chain: the chain of the chain reprint is made outside the chain of the most obvious effect of the three kinds of the chain, can do the chain selection in the search engine has been included, and the ranking of articles, these articles were included that love Shanghai, the weight is relatively high, we can use this.

2 guide spider chain: I said the spider guide chain, is to be included in the spider when we, at the same time can crawl to our site articles, or to update our website snapshot, at the time of the operation, it is best to choose a blog or micro-blog, go to the station or has been released similar to our website. But one thing is very important, you must leave your release after the source address and our website weight page address, such as writing after leaving from www.xxx贵族宝贝, reproduced please indicate the source of the chain effect probability "and included deleted is almost 0.

1: the chain ranking can also be called to increase the number of the chain, the chain is actually don’t require more high quality, but have a certain quality. For example, in the comments, Add URL replies, hyperlinks or join our web site keywords Zhengzhou clothing sale network so that you can, or add to your signature, it is hidden, and will not be a moderator deletes, you send after the signature naturally added to the back of your reply post however, we choose the chain platform, to choose the kind of high weight website to publish, or your pay will be greatly reduced.

, do the chain is actually in order to attract the spider crawling your original articles, in order to crawl to our left in the article of our website address, in order to achieve our station outside of the original article included the results, so that our keyword ranking will go up, so we in this together absolutely can not be sloppy, in this together we have their own ideas, then I’m on my website as an example, it said the chain is going on:

construction site, although the chain and chain should pay attention to, but you do according to the different main station, inside and outside the chain is not the same, but one thing is for sure, it is the site of the inside and outside the chain is not the more the better, a professional analysis, to achieve a perfect station optimization between within the chain and the chain has a golden ratio is 1:0.8, the proportion of the most suitable for the spider crawling. It is more suitable for optimization.

In fact, we all know