The website of Shanghai Longfeng to build a search engine for the domain name

search engine operation in order to provide users with more accurate and useful information. The purpose of the corresponding variable for the ultimate goal of search engine optimization in the optimization work, in building a search engine love domain is divided into many levels, about the following:

two: the weight of links. The search engine based on link analysis technology is one of the core domain weighting technique, at least in the foreseeable future, the link of trust and authority transfer will continue on, unless one day the search engine industry fundamental algorithm change. So to build a line with the search engine like domain name will have the weight of good links to. In the range of operation, you can choose the following ways:

is too strong

· other related sites directory blog forum recommended links. In the site directory is not related to the contents of the blog forum on domain link promotion although there is a certain significance, but the meaning is very small. The search engine is considered more content relevance, rather than simply the number of links in the domain name, in the construction of more emphasis on quality rather than quantity.

· for the same industry-leading site links. The relative government educational institutions, the same industry good site links to be simple, also has the operation. For example, a local portal site can rely on their own content or connections with well-known portal site link exchange.

three: domain name registration time and history. By a user and search engine double love domain name should be the older the better, but not absolutely. Because not all of the old domain name is the good domain name. From the point of view of the following two points:

· domain name for government institutions of education link. The government and educational institutions and the need to optimize the site content itself if there is correlation between the weight of the link, this is very good, but the basic point to link the proposed weight does not have the maneuverability of

: a convenient memory and contains the keyword domain name. The search engine is designed to improve the user experience, in accordance with the needs of users on the same line with the search engine is the highest standard of preferences, search engine optimization. A convenient memory domain can quickly make user input when you want to query the relevant information, we all love such a domain name, domain name for this to consider how the middle name cleverly placed keywords.


· domain name was first included in the search engine is the time of the actual age decided the name. When a registered domain name for 10 years, has never been the site, when a page is not included, the domain name has no meaning to the user of the search engine, so when the line on the website, try to make the search engine website.

above all link weights are needed to the contents of a certain relevance, rather than blindly building garbage link group.