Site optimization pain in depth analysis of ranking of eleven phenomenon

five: the use of

site morbidity

often see some Adsense said his website in search engine ranking in the "eleven" bit suspended in midair is not high not low position. The eleven refers to what? No. tenth can get more traffic click in the search engine home page, and this gap is very big hits. The master refers to "eleven" actually refers to the search engine page second ", from 11 to twentieth of this page ranking. Why is there eleven of this phenomenon, and how to solve the following discussion:

has been ranked very good, the update is also very good, Shanghai dragon is also in place. However, driving a "eleven" into the observation period, the server will occupy the proportion factor. Check is the server problems occur frequently, causing the page cannot be accessed, or access to the fast and slow. Is the program itself is a problem, or a problem with the network server, or the machine under the emergence of a large number of sites or download the station occupied resources acquisition problem. The analysis of the reasons as soon as possible in order to make solution out of the "eleven" position.

: no coordination of the chain and the contents of

two: website recently collected

tools group

what is the site easy to search engine to the "eleven" in general there are two?. For the first time, the old station is, and has been ranked in a relatively high position. Second, a new station on the line soon, however, he climbed to the "eleven" to find difficult to ascend.


four: the server is not stable



chain of foreign website promotion to improve its visibility, laying the foundation for the development of website content, coordination development can keep the steady improvement of the overall weight of the site. However, many webmaster to focus on the chain extension. The chain leads to a sharp increase in the number of construction, while the site itself is too empty. Therefore, in a short time while the external links increase a lot, but reached a certain limit, the search engine that is cheating.

is a high ranking website, always adhere to the original or false original original reasonable collocation function, always keep in the forefront of the website ranking. However, when the collection is too obvious, or search engine rules change, clean up the redundant information may lead to the decline in ranking. However, this decline will not affect the site ranking, but will be arranged to stay on page second position. When the site will be re lifting weights start with a clean slate ", if a result is completely indifferent to stay on for several months, another is declining ranking.


may cause URL errors when do maintenance, or accidentally deleted files "appeared a lot of dead link. These dead links directly to the search engine not normal index, which is sent into the "eleven" position as a punishment, and then enter the observation period according to the performance or continue to decline in its ranking.