Taobao guest website how to improve the weight of love Shanghai


passenger, has been the pursuit of small owners. In fact, no matter what sites are to be paid, if Taobao customers, but also to adhere to, you persist, you will be fruitful. Have a Taobao customer who believe that such a big competition, certainly not earn money. I think competition is big, show big gains, stationmaster is a wise man who otherwise wouldn’t have to do. Taobao guest webmaster all know, Taobao customer success is not in the program, and in love Shanghai, love Shanghai, one can determine the Taobao off site of life and death, this is a well recognized fact that! Now many webmaster use API website, in fact, the use of API is not friendly to optimize, but I advocate small Adsense or use the API site well, if you love Shanghai included, there will be a certain income. If you do a single page, more competition, if you strong can consider (I had a single page, but because of my limited ability, ha ha results miserably) you think, 10 people do Taobao customers, real down only 3-4. Others give up, we continue to adhere to, this is success.

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second connection to the old station easily especially high PR, on the new station is difficult because many new haven’t what weight, all the webmaster friends all know that friendship connection can make the weight transfer, such as you and a lot of PR> high weight =5 site do friendship connection, so it can make your station you take the PR value to 3 or higher in a very short period of time. Do Links keyword is not the name of your site, but you pushed the main keywords, such as the foreign Links keyword is "Taobao" website to do the link check to see each other in the is correct. The webmaster do Links rely on the public relation ability you have contacts, this here is not to say, a lot of Links methods, can love Shanghai! But in a few do the connection, "

first site structure design, program design, internal and external connection site construction, and the module of their best. Now Taobao API station is data directly call taobao贵族宝贝. In fact, the structure is not suitable for Shanghai dragon, but there are a lot of API website Baidu included volume is very good, as long as the structure of the site to Amoy Shanghai Longfeng line. But the best in the guest website to increase the system module, the module can be original and pseudo original, to increase the weight of love Shanghai certainly has improved. Amoy website article is not more better, more important is to pay attention to the quality of the article, if to collect the article I think nothing, do some original articles or false original article by the time to collect. The result is a good original article may collect 100 articles is more effective than you spend time. This section with original article summarized to improve the weight of Amoy API website

the following summary I do Taobao off site experience, do is to carry out the

to fall in love with the sea