The five step is to firmly long tail keywords stronger

second: choose the long tail word is the basis of

Keywords size and site

flow are closely related to the rapid development in the age of the Internet, more and more people access to the Internet, of course, in order to meet the users demand more, a website to rise. Now, in the network of the sea, has been using keywords to flood. For some of the new station to do a keyword on good position is simply a dredge for a needle in the sea. Gradually, the long tail word for key position, a website if you can catch the user’s psychology, the long tail word is selected, then as long as these words do go up is not to worry about traffic problems. So the webmaster should be how to choose these words? Since that is the long tail word, so these words are the most direct user input target word, such as a website is mobile phone, so users generally would not play the words "mobile phone", because the scope of such words really is too great. If any, to put the word "mobile phone" is not easy to do the home page, the competition is very large, the index was six hundred million and seventy thousand. The user will generally search for new smart mobile phone Sony Ericsson mobile phone music "and other specific target long tail word search. So in the choice of the long tail word we should choose some.


refers to the so-called long tail theory, as long as the storage and distribution channels for products is large enough, both occupied demand or poor sales of products in the market share and those few can selling products to occupy the market share is equal to or even greater, many of the small market that can produce converging match with the mainstream market energy. That is to say, the enterprise sales is not representative of the traditional demand curve that "selling goods" in the head, but the representative of "popular goods" is frequently forgotten tail. In Shanghai dragon, long tail off theory is applicable to the long tail keywords, then how can we do the long tail keywords the unpopular more strong

: first improve website weight is the premise of

is obviously the influence of weight for a website. The higher the weight of the site, the long tail word ranking rise faster, some websites even can achieve a multiplier effect. So how can we improve the weight of their own website so as to enhance the ranking of the long tail words? In fact, the method is very simple, just to see the webmaster have firm confidence and strong execution to do. Increase the weight of a web site, the webmaster must update your web site every day, trying to find some information of interest to users, improve the user experience, stick to the user. The original is the first choice to update daily original content, it will enhance the search engine on the web, to speed up the content of the site collection. In addition, the webmaster should adhere to the hair of the chain, is the so-called "content is king, the chain for emperor", through the chain, the search engine can quickly come to your website. As long as every day to do so will help increase website weight, weight slowly these long tail word will also rely on the website rapidly.