Qualified Shanghai dragon Er Shanghai Longfeng optimization always just perfect

The first search engine

we know that it is not a short duration of time and a lot of website optimization, Shanghai dragon Er why more optimal weight and website ranking more on the lower, regardless of tenure development but will make the weight and site rankings have been improved, which in my view is not the key to the problem is not in love with the sea site is Shanghai dragon Er optimization method and the optimization strategy, the author has been considered qualified Shanghai dragon Er Shanghai Longfeng optimization always just perfect.

, whether the content and information provided there is a deviation. Search engine optimization we must make clear search engine optimization is based on the principle of what grasp three key points, crawling, indexing and ranking, but this is only the foundation, not for the optimization of search engine service but your content can effectively provide the user generated content value, the search engine will be of great advantage for the user, through its own algorithm according to the user in the quality of your site to access the data to the final judgment of your website, in fact users and search engines they are with certain to a certain extent, we must find ways to put content appeal and search engine you need to fit together, such as search engines love website content fresh, users also love the content that is both common, when we update the content as far as possible to the common needs of both Something posted to the site, the content form of search engine users also love love with such content, when updating the content must know whether the information you can meet the similarities between the two.

second, why your site is optimized but weight decreased. In fact, the reason is very simple in optimizing your site suspected of cheating, I always thought that the optimization is to improve our website whether it is website structure, website content, the user experience is the user centered in constant refinement and adjustment, but a lot of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix Er is wrong, that is to optimize a search engine, in order to optimize the keywords stack, article is not to add some keywords, the number of the pursuit of the chain blindly adopt various methods to increase the chain for the website, the end result is in the optimization over the cycle, the reason is very simple, need a healthy person’s daily nutrition is fixed, but in order to meet the needs of their mouth, crazy to eat a lot of fried food, greasy food, high sugar foods was a real treat, but The subsequent obesity or even three symptoms, we emphasize in the diet of the eight full, then why not the website optimization of daily life together? You will have to grasp the scale of cognitive optimization.

third, what is the formal optimization techniques? These two is mainly about how to optimize the site optimization errors, jump moment as a webmaster we pay more attention to the formal optimization method is very simple, remember two words " " optimization, all you do should focus on these two words the start value >