Shanghai dragon ER compulsory homework familiar with the industry user search behavior

understand the above knowledge, the following content becomes simple. The first to talk about how to determine the user search habits by keywords. Use 12306 words to do this case, because it is simple, easy to understand.

look at the love of Shanghai prompted to say Shanghai’s user experience is really doing very well. The middle box suggests 12306 of the official, in case the user cheated. And then the telephone booking and telephone service. More intimate is the right of the map marked the earliest date of purchase. Then the noble baby. For me, these are not found. Perhaps this is the reason China dominate the love of Shanghai. Immediately to the most in need of the user, the most intimate.

Keywords user search habits





summary: 12306 the user needs is the keyword, railway official website booking hotline, booking date, tickets. If your site can meet these so you can also go to the agency, I think no one will go to the Ministry of Railways and grab traffic.

user experience has been all Shanghai dragon chasing ER advocate, we also have the name of the user experience of the slogan to design a website, but ignore the real intention of the user. The user does not require you to make simple things complicated, what he needs is more intuitive, more efficient, more authoritative search results. You really want to extent to meet the needs of users, need to be familiar with the industry user search behavior, which is the Shanghai dragon ER compulsory homework.

love Shanghai products and website statistics to determine user search habits in case

read a case we can understand the experience is very good for the love of Shanghai users, and then use it to do the benchmark, at a site in the rankings, with Shanghai’s own love products so that we can determine the user demand.

is the user to search with the foot, the first time I hear this sentence is the love inside Shanghai company of a manager said. I was in love Shanghai free training. At that time, because this sentence caused a fierce discussion. Some people think that users are smart, can read the page and find the information you want. The other part is agreed. For a long time the results of each rhetoric justified. There are over there to convince. In general, all sorts of strange things users search, which is possible, so it is not possible to have the result. Change a way of thinking, the user first thought is assumed to be awkward, "then let the user to find the awkward information they want. So those clever users will find a faster way, and he will even feel trouble, so Shanghai Longfeng work is not the simple things complicated, but let "to meet the users at the same time becomes more simple. I believe this is a trend in the future.

to judge the case