How to dry cargo from QQ space to obtain a large number of accurate flow

, why is the use of QQ space

: access to their space new visitors QQ, then do precision marketing. The following beautiful space new guest list, because it is too long, I just made a part of the map. Like they have millions of fans of the space, every second there will be hundreds of dozens of new visitors (compare right 3 a.m. screenshot, so a second new visitors >

certified spaceAfter

, many owners see the number of fans above the beautiful said, the first idea is to say beautiful space to stay inside advertising. This is completely mistaken. Because of their space messages and comments are very strict audit, almost no advertising may. Because they say QQ space traffic is large, even if you leave the ad, in a few minutes will be pressed down, there is no use.


answer: because the QQ space as the main product of QQ, the daily number of active half billion. We look at the number of fans of mogujie贵族宝贝, said the beautiful celebrities such as certification of space, we can know that it is a big piece of cake. QQ spatial data we use mogujie贵族宝贝 and beautiful to say compared with data now the most popular micro-blog, smart owners will soon have feeling.

the number of users is a feature of QQ space, more important is the QQ space users mostly 80, 90 and 00, respectively, corresponding to the white-collar workers, college students and middle school students, they are the main force in today’s network of consumer groups. Unlike micro-blog users, there are various groups. In contrast, the transformation rate of a stroke above QQ space.

now most papers discussed the Shanghai dragon, rarely appear dry cargo. In order to let more webmaster is no longer worry about traffic, I took out the new box treasure to share with you. In the sharing method, I want to talk to the webmaster to say a word, please don’t in Shanghai, hang on a tree. In A5, many webmaster Webmaster Station, outdated websites and forums, the webmaster seems to be caught in a vicious circle, 90% owners always talking about the Shanghai dragon, worried about the ranking, thinking about the chain. Is to Shanghai dragon and do stand, for the chain and the article. Can we have thought so hard every day, pseudo original chain, the top post for what? "This is not for the sake of two words flow"! Maybe you encountered such a website, they didn’t have a good ranking in the number of the chain fell in love with the sea, they are not much, but a large site traffic has been to earn money. As a channel of Shanghai dragon we just get traffic, there are so many channels, such as email, QQ group, QQ space, micro-blog, Shanghai, Shanghai Post Bar know love love… Let me share with you how I use my QQ space, a large number of accurate flow for every day.

Methods we use

two, which many fans of what is the use of