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the 36 "Chen Junsheng" and "marriage", is very interesting, "mistress" is the company’s "wife", is also a potential crisis these companies "".

but is it true? Reputation,

started out time and again! Catch the last day of February, millet finally released its first own brand S1 chip the surging. On the rivers and lakes, long rumored millet 5C also equipped with this processor together debut.

chip is the highest point of mobile phone technology, millet to become a great company, we must master the core technology." Lei Jun said at the press conference.

is a business too, like the original main business income, operating income as mistress. Those who have large operating income of the enterprise, although "nianhuarecao" was cool, but let investors worry about "backyard fire".

Korea semiconductor giant LG has tried to develop their own mobile phone chip, and successfully developed a brand called Nuclun 2 chip, using TSMC 16nm process, with dual core A57 quad core A53 architecture.

statistics read Jun, operating income and the proportion of main business income of more than 50% of only 3, respectively, Fuyuan Technology 834315.OC, nine 837302.OC and the East heavy Lutong precision 832119.OC; more than 20% less than 50% 6, respectively 430139.OC, Hua Ling shares are the letter of guarantee 430558.OC, in the micro sense 835399.OC and Conbit 833429.OC, huash Industrial 871179.OC, cloud macro information 832135.OC; the remaining 27 were less than 20%.

millet is easier said than done, "great" dream

, but later LG found that they spent a lot of money and effort to develop the processor, and its running performance is not as good as the similar architecture Xiaolong 808. Subsequently, LG decisively abandoned the mobile phone processor independent research and development, and publicly said that in the future will not develop their own cell phone processor.

because the main business is strong, there are >

is hard to live!

read Jun on the new board found a number of such enterprises, in 2016 net profit of more than 30 million, and operating income accounted for more than 50% of the proportion of net profit enterprises, a total of 36.

of net profit of the 36 companies was 43 million 750 thousand yuan, if the operating income minus the profits left median net profit of only 14 million 60 thousand yuan, equivalent to the original net profit ratio 1/3, three new board business overall net profit median 11 million 10 thousand yuan, only more than millions of dollars.

The median

said it might make you wonder about life. The 36 Chen Junsheng marriages are: red flags at home and flags floating outside.

shows that mobile phone manufacturers to develop their own mobile phone chip is difficult, for no foundation for millet, it has to face setbacks and difficulties can not imagine.

but even so, why Lei still choose self-developed mobile phone chip? To talk about and talk about "Lei Jun millet to become a great company", the reality of the plight and long-term interests can explain why.

however, it is well known that chip technology is a complex and top technology that requires very strong technical and capital strength. There are not many chip makers around the world who can develop mobile phone chips, let alone mobile phone manufacturers.

from this sentence, how much can see the reason that Lei Lei wants to make mobile phone chip and determination.

so far, millet officially became the next apple, Samsung, HUAWEI, fourth of the world’s own brand chip mobile phone manufacturers. And what this brings is the revelry of domestic netizens. Similar to "national pride", "domestic strength" and so on, the evaluation and praise are common.

36 enterprises small three "upper", the government subsidies are the largest source of

, that is to say, this 36 enterprises, 75% enterprises, the main business income is 5 times the operating income, they very stable status.

to consider the long-term, independent research and development of chip will help alleviate and resolve the situation and difficulties facing the millet mobile phone, especially in the supply chain of the right to speak to the master, no longer heteronomy. But because the research and development needs a long time cycle, the supply chain problem will not be well solved in the short term.

these 36 enterprises are typical of "rich handsome + life winner", the net profit of more than 30 million, the main business is relatively stable, but also has a huge amount of non operating income. Like "my former life in Chen Junsheng, is a beautiful young wife and good housekeeping, met a gentle and considerate confidante.

millet has been by the supply chain problems, millet mobile phone was because of supply chain problems and appeared repeatedly bounced and stock issues. Coupled with the recent decline in Millet Internet model, suffered shipments and brand crisis, making millet have to seek more powerful competition elements to save the situation.

"the mistress" and "original counter attack" and "robbing bestie boyfriend", "my first half" tell male compatriots with destroyed three concept plot, we cannot deal with the relationship between "original" and "mistress", a man’s life will become so cold.

of the 36 enterprises, while operating income amount is large, but the main business income was not.

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