Webmaster Alert Shanghai dragon is easy to search engine optimization improper

website internal links we mentioned here and the depth of the problem of dead catenary. Although the link depth does not make the web site search engines by manslaughter, but the link is too deep is not good, do not want to be lost spider layer clear link, this is many webmaster advocate view. As for the site of the internal links easy to cause the search engine is the main factor of manslaughter "death" caused the death in light to search engine drop right, is likely to be blocked is likely, unless you are a high weight website can not care about manslaughter. Many webmaster easy to ignore the problem, that is up to be right down, as it may not. But sometimes in the webmaster website template replacement time are often easy to overlook the part of the link, delete some pages, lead to the spider can’t climb to the last page.

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Shanghai Longfeng optimized content, also be right down by manslaughter are caused by the improper optimization, mainly includes: content, internal and external links, server, domain name, web design.

many owners in the station at the beginning because of a lack of resources a large collection of web resource information to fill the website, the content rich, then further development. But the duplicate content often creates redundant search engine index, even as a webmaster you’re not ready to do a dumpster, however you will search engines have been blacklisted, which is why some new sites not included the reason. So for small and medium sized construction site would prefer to keep the "patient" principle, do not blindly fill the content of the website caused the decline of friendliness to avoid last dead end. Said the highly repetitive content easy to cause the search engine manslaughter, what makes the correlation? Website content and theme are not consistent, like gossip. Example: "to send about real estate information in a cosmetics website." This is a good website search engine judgment is good or bad, or a standard garbage station, so avoid search engine manslaughter, owners in the choice of web content to make adjustments, close to the theme of the site to publish content, not only can improve the site correlation to the search engine more optimistic, easy to retain users. After all, the search engine index your website is to give users see.

internal and external link factors

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website ranking high, and some sites do not search search? Shanghai dragon optimization, has become a circle recognized king, so sooer in the resulting contention of a hundred schools of thought. Shanghai dragon can rapidly improve the site optimization is to bring high return flow in the industry the right to speak, even brings high benefits for enterprises. But I have to say things that, although Shanghai Longfeng optimization is to the success of the web site by, but improper optimization light is right down, serious mistakes or even directly by the search engines manslaughter, led efforts to cast to waste. So, what factors cause the search engine manslaughter? How to avoid the manslaughter is today we will discuss the topic.

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