The solution of be included in a few hours after being removed

second: the old station is down right after the audit period again still love Shanghai, love Shanghai website article has a more cautious attitude.

according to my personal situation, whether new or old station, mainly uses the following methods to solve the problem:

many webmaster friends have experienced such a tragedy, is his own "article was collected a few hours after being removed, even if it is written in the original article. This makes many novice webmaster feel remain perplexed despite much thought, I have met many such cases, in practice there are a little of his own feeling, now to solve this problem, mainly put forward their own views.

: the first day update fixed number of original articles, and updates for several fixed time, develop a good update law.

second: find a few high quality Links, including through cross links, let the other weight high weight link driven website, this time also need to control the quality of the connection of friendship, would rather not change, will only change the right.

third: the construction of the chain to keep the law, we need to find a good forum, or already have formed using the weights of the blog, every day of the construction of the chain, the quantity and quality of the chain to control well, we need to accumulate for a long time, and the individual is using has raised long forum account, and the high weight of the blog, the chain to drive, the number of the chain better control, and the quality is reliable, will not be deleted. This is to attract the spider climb to the site, to speed up the snapshot of the site and weight is there are obvious benefits.

: first the new weight is not enough, still love Shanghai sandbox too few new or original articles, to love Shanghai has not recognized.

fourth: Published by soft in some good websites, such as home owners, such as A5, published the soft can not only get high quality links in these places, sometimes also can get some is reproduced, "

general, the web page is collected a few hours after being removed of nothing more than two kinds of cases:

for new sites, if the weight is not enough, it is prone to the above situation, although Shanghai is now more tolerant to new love, but if the original station is too small, or the new update frequency is not stable, it will appear this kind of circumstance, and according to the old station down the right, on the one hand is to find out the reason right down for example, the problem of the chain, such as server instability problems, based on solving the website down right, in the construction site, if the right is not very serious, then page deleted phenomenon will soon disappear, and delete the article will soon be back, but if the site is down right. So, once again the site entered the review period, "deleted it will take some time to fully recover, this needs the webmaster hard to solve.