An old webmaster share Shanghai dragon Er future where

Art: in fact relating to art development is a good direction, but early as Shanghai dragon Er we have some resources, like a few high weight of the blog, the blog, ifeng贵族宝贝, Sina, Admin5, home owners, laggards and so on account high authority is also essential, there is these resources, later your workload is greatly reduced, just write the original article, the chain became in the early stage after not so difficult, most of the time can be used to learn another skill, then all kinds of mapping software, need artists like PS, AI, but can to achieve a high level of level still need more practice on the project.

began to contact Internet from the second half of the semester, have done a movie station, local portal game forum, forum and so on different types of websites, the intention is really real, it is hoped to real in the website optimization learning experience. Also really want to make money through the network, but unfortunately, the final one did not survive, now cooperate with friends in the movie station dying, which does give dying kicks it, there are many reasons, not to mention here.

is about er or a way out of the development of Shanghai dragon topic has been a lot of people mentioned, repeated again today, such a topic is because the first two nine still sat at the computer busy writing articles, the unconscious mind flashed this idea, I do not Shanghai, what can we what? I think first of all is the unemployment, online to see a lot of people that do is a kind of mixed Shanghai dragon IT the most bitter, I do not know this is the approved or denied, after all, in the IT industry more tiring thing, I haven’t done, maybe, like software engineer, project engineer and so on. For programmers to catch a project, sometimes overtime that is normal thing, so only experienced people are eligible to say

editor: edit in fact is also a good choice, after all, as the Shanghai dragon wrote so many original articles or >


along the way, the Internet was so long, painful experiences of failure, also had the joy of success is more short, with some views on many things, especially on a development direction of our Shanghai Longfeng Er future road, today posted to share with you, hoping to bring some give you inspiration.

operation: many articles have mentioned, the operation direction is the best destination of our Shanghai dragon er the future, after all, a website operator is a set of optimization and promotion, program, art and so on a post ability as a whole, although it is the set of different skills, but more still in the management ability, only good the team’s potential to play out, in order to achieve the desired results, and now with micro-blog, WeChat, mobile search and so on fast media was born, now the site optimization may not be the only way to learn this, how to marketing, will also allow yourself to become more powerful,