Determine the common misunderstandings of the weights of the website let you see light suddenly

website snapshot update can explain this website that within a certain period of time, the love of spiders in Shanghai back sites have formed regular update rules. And you will find a phenomenon that is the love of Shanghai in a few months before the snapshot, and keywords ranking it is in the home, in order to solve this problem, Shenyang Shanghai Dragon Red Army will in Shenyang Shanghai dragon forum to introduce. So the judge love Shanghai snapshot can’t update the weights on behalf of the absolute high, but the snapshot time with website weight still has great relationship. Before the Shenyang website optimization blog introduced to love Shanghai snapshot not update solution.

this is the most common problems, because several times a few sites to find my links, I find a book, really scared of tens of thousands, but included the weight is too low, most of these sites on the collection station, is through the collection of large amounts of selling links, such links who buy who suffer ah.

do not know if you have not found a lot of the PR value reached 4, 5 of the sites are not ranked, and search keywords found many sites than the low PR value of the PR value high site ranked higher, so that the PR value is not absolute but high PR value represents the weight, domain name half are older but not necessarily representative of domain name with the weight of the website.

common error two: the snapshot update is high weight

above is a common misunderstanding to determine the weights of the website, the next article will introduce to the method is more accurate to judge the weights of the website is very helpful to buy the rankings chain research has helped you. Please indicate the original articles reprinted from 贵族宝贝 of Shanghai Longfeng please keep the link oh.

common mistakes included more than three: page weight is high

is a common mistake: high PR value high weight

error four: love Shanghai domain and YAHOO chain is more weight high

out this article specifically for judging the weights of the website common mistake. The next article is to introduce more accurate method to determine the weight of the site, then straight to the point.

this is actually fairly ready, but this is not absolute, and not necessarily a website weight high website weight is the site’s overall score, the number of the chain of course is better, but more important is the quality of the chain, and this value does not reflect the quality of the chain. Here also recommends us a high quality the chain place as detailed introduction of the love to love Shanghai Shanghai liberal arts experience.