For new construction of the chain bottleneck of Shanghai dragon er

principle of the chain is very simple, no one place for your own web site is on the Internet, let the search robot program can use this link to find your website and collected this link in the web page, so even if you are successfully set up in a chain (PS: in the search box enter the domain:+ web site, can detect the chain is indexed by search engines). Know how to do the principle is very simple, the Internet is not lack of such experience to share, I was not described in detail here, because the share of today is: in the face of a let you pay the time, when the outside chain no what the growth of the web, we change how to do


two, second to is "do you really want to do, why? Because the chain is a very frustrating process, especially when there is no hand on what resources people just started, sometimes no >

introduction: everything is hard in the beginning, this is the ancients gave us a very philosophical words. The site also is such, especially a Shanghai dragon Er, this sentence is deeper feelings, when you get a new job, the internal structure, code cleanup, set the key words, these can be said to be doing Shanghai Longfeng start, but these are one-time work done it may never go back to do, with Shanghai dragon only duplicate content + chain construction, the content being not considered, because there is a standard that is original, the higher the better, outsiders can’t teach you the skills, all by themselves, today just outside the chain construction how to break through bottleneck on my understanding.

, the first is to "do you really do," although you do all day outside the chain, but now the chain is not used to simply send a link to the first, not to mention the ability to send up a success, even if the hair up, can not only included is the biggest problem. It is said to a review of the problem, when you do the chain in one place, second days that simply do not have to be included, this time you have to analyze what reasons, their operational problems, or the place would not be included, consider these, for the next place the change, change the method of replacing method, be sure to make your hair every chain has effect, not a waste of time doing. This is really done.

a lot of people in the chain, feeling a lot of pain, the reason is a busy day, second days a chain, looking at data basic and same day. Now the exclamation side chain is really not easy, while continuing to work yesterday, while suffering a long time people become depressed, like a bitch, in the blues, such work efficiency can be high? Never stop to think the reason for this, or is there a better way to do this thing. In this scene, for example, in the face of this situation.