How can continue to write articles related to Shanghai Dragon

is found some small secret search engines, or some small articles sharing algorithm. For example, "exploring the mysteries that teach you how to make search engine website snapshot every day", this article is very short, the content is relatively simple, but easily passed the audit, and really let the webmaster friends and learn knowledge, and "using the robots file to enhance the page crawl rate" in this article is the same, dapper, effective and practical. If you have found such a point, why not share it, to write articles to promote your site


want to write more articles, these types can be first released the article understand. Good type analysis of these articles, I believe you can write more articles.

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A5 search Shanghai dragon column, a day to review 30 papers about Shanghai dragon related articles. The substance of these articles, many of which are repeated. Just a same content or is subdivided, or by another person to the original, or is related to the content contrast. Although there is a certain degree of high repetition, but every article has one or two knowledge is worth learning. Since we see so many articles published, consistently as individuals, how can continue to write articles related to the promotion of Shanghai, one or more of your

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is copied, there is a part of copying others. Summary, is to share, more or less will not so perfect, and then he saw the others, and through their own understanding to summarize a new article. For example, in 2012 "quality chain construction" and "channel chain free: the history of the strongest chain acquisition method" content is similar. Or is the sort of name changed, or is released outside the chain changed the way. And then through their own thinking, wrote the article. This can not be said, only.

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current affairs, national affairs. But we Shanghai Longfeng community affairs. For example, a few days ago in Shanghai Shanghai dragon love prompted language news search. It can be said that A5 posted more than 10 articles to discuss some of the love of Shanghai next action, such as "love the sea sea dragon incident in the end is up?"; some review of our own, such as "Shanghai dragon industry whether can regulate the love Shanghai artificial intervention moves"; some news release, for example "love Shanghai Shanghai dragon appeared search tips: do not believe the Shanghai dragon’s theory and case". When we see these articles, we can also put forward different views, that is for example, this article from the "I love Shanghai from Shanghai dragon tips on love Shanghai Shanghai dragon" not artificial intervention. In this way, we can also write this article related to the current affairs.