Practical comparison tells you love Shanghai station closed protection is good

in contrast to the above, many people may feel for close station protected sites rather than not close station protection site recovery slower. But it’s important here to tell you, do not apply for the protection of the index closed station although restored, ranking has not recovered, and the site was completely removed in the index though, but for recovery after crawling ranking recovered very quickly.

applied in December 3rd through the recovery after the crawl, the site after about three days, included start slowly, until completely restored to the rankings with included with the same protection station before closing in 9 days.

site, from the beginning of November 24th to love Shanghai station closed for protection, the first day to reply that my application was not passed, the reason is: the system detects your site there are more accessible pages, that is your site not completely shut love Shanghai spider crawling is also no way to apply closed station protection. Love in Shanghai station closed protection audit is still quite efficient (1~2 days).


then I apply for the second time, the time is November 27th. We look at the following data:

domain name is stop parsing all the time: November 23rd



1. if you need long time off the site, it is best to choose love Shanghai station close protection, can better protect their weight. (such as filing station need long time to shut off station)


site two, no application for closed station protection, site index quantity and weight is not high site, so I do not apply for closed protection, we can see the change of my index chart. During this period I shut down, the index has declined in Shanghai love has not been completely removed, and the site is restored, included or recovered faster.

some time ago was stolen because of his two domain name GODADDY above, have the opportunity to experience the love of Shanghai station closed protection, two DNS close station is just at the same time, so the comparative data is relatively accurate, hope to those who had no friends and want to try some suggestions. (and here also remind you webmaster to do domain name protection, domain management account will not bear their own password and other websites)

here for everyone to be a summary of recommendations.

love Shanghai approved second days after the station closed protection, the index I began to plummet! When do not apply for the protection of our close station can keep a normal snapshot 45 days. But after the application by the search results were immediately removed, index drop slowly.

2. if you are temporarily closed.