Taobao keyword quality novice to do small to pick off competition


is the first site survey before the first keyword

Ali mother products where the input shrink pores! Screening can pick out a product! Ha ha basic to about 20-35 many can choose

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shrink pores of the skin care products

there are so many long tail keywords

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shrink pores

Mao Kongda how to do

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said today that if chosen those high quality keyword! Let you short time can earn money. This is the most important

my website is 贵族宝贝maokong520贵族宝贝/ time to shrink pores pores theme site around November 2010! Has achieved profitability! Although not much power. But oh for a beginner this is to encourage this is to work on! At this site is currently stable for a day have hundreds of IP together at that time! Do a weight loss. The same kind of site maintenance operation as there is no IP ranking 10-20 page outside! So this will prove a problem! Pick a little competition in the theme is a key to fast money

large flow a few keywords as long as these a few key words can make up some of the long tail + flow I believe one day traffic thousands of

we know that this type of product must not those 50% of the profits of products! But there are many 20-25% products! So long as the flow can still make money Oh


the next step is to learn to choose the product the crucial! I have some ideas I choose products

Shanghai dragon skills I did not say! I think you are in my effort Oh! Just stick to content with the construction of the chain of

passenger earning money is the long-term (risk) is a copy path to make quick money! (low risk)

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Taobao customers I believe should be clear. The monthly income of 10000 yuan is the legend for the novice, this is a distant dream! Now the profits of many products, but the right competition is great! After my research shows. A huge product is a popular station. A marginal product of Taobao will reduce the risk of station actually more than 3/4! It is recommended Taobao keyword quality novice friend to choose some little competition profit is not low to do! In fact, this type of key words are very much. But you can also find no


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