Shanghai dragon core elements Optimization how to analyze competitor


Shanghai Longfeng optimization mainly is to make your website ranking beyond their competitors, but many people do not realize this core point, just to do outside the chain, to update the site for a long time, but the effect is not obvious, it is otherwise the consequence, if we can analyze the ranking in front of the site, analyze their site, they found traces of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we will be able to find a way to beat the competitors, in fact, the analysis methods of competitors, our ancestors had told us, it is necessary to know

two: analysis of the domain name


three: Web site structure analysis

how can we analyze competitors? We have the following five aspects are briefly introduced, hope to the Webmaster Help

domain names are a website code, but for search engines, short domain name domain name by the old love, so we have to analyze competitors at their website domain name, domain name registration time has long, there is a site operation how many years, the domain name is not very short for memory etc. of course! These are hard indicators, as long as we take notes, and then find a way through other means to transcend this

analysis of course is the first step, this is the core of the website, how to weight the site keywords so we should analysis the competitors, if the strength is very strong, so we’ll have to settle for second, not confrontation, for example, you want to be a portal website, and want to challenge the Sina name and to show your strength, this is the nature through the analysis of a mantis trying to stop a chariot, so competitors can evasive words, beat him and we can also be taken by surprise! Look at the key words in the search engine results page position, if the home is a domain control, so we have to retreat second, if most of the row in front of some of the two level domain name, so as to make money or deserve to compete! Analyze competitors from the keyword layout For example, title, keywords and description of the three, there is the keyword density and the location of

! Keywords website! and so on!

we know the structure of the site is of great help for the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng effect, some sites because of unreasonable structure, causing the site has not been included, even included, has been ranked by, and we can through the website structure analysis of competitors, so as to optimize the structure of the website themselves. Usually the analysis includes the whole architecture of Web site, two columns, page design, website internal structure, including the directory structure, URL settings, use H1, H2, strong and other labels, internal links structure! We analyze the content of future is not to imitate, but to transcend.