How to write a decoration company in Fuzhou to optimize the title

I wrote (for reference only): Fuzhou decoration company manufacturers provide _ decoration company in Fuzhou construction project _ decoration company in Fuzhou to install renderings – ring on environmental protection.

is provided by the Fuzhou decoration company, Shanghai dragon ink 贵族宝贝cslvdi贵族宝贝/! What is the title? When we open a search engine search keywords, search results page presented in front of us the above title is "a row of characters; the two row (some small, 3 rows) is the description of the web page, search for" Putian Lanyun network company ", as shown in figure

, partial matching is the search results contained only a part of our keyword input;

understand this, let us look at how to write a title, what road. A good website title is not only conducive to ranking can also attract users attention, increase the click, bring on a post transformation; we say how to analyze user needs, after we analyzed the needs of users, we put the user demand for the most of these words are listed, out of our core keywords, taking it as the website to write the title, can write like this: the core word word word – _ _ traffic flow brand

The 3. part:

1.: the search results perfectly matched sequence and text with keywords appear are as like as two peas;

The following

such as "Fuzhou decoration company" of the word, then I analyze user needs, I know that the user is primarily concerned with: Fuzhou decoration company, Fuzhou decoration company decoration decoration company, Fuzhou price ranking, decoration company in Fuzhou which is better, the best Fuzhou decoration company, since users are hot search words are certainly the flow of words, then we need to consider the transformation, if I do not intend to do the words "Fuzhou decoration company" price ", but I Fuzhou decoration company price" in the title above, then search the word to the user will not leave our site? Not only conversion will increase website jump loss rate. Do 301 redirect zhiliaomt贵族宝贝 jump to 贵族宝贝zhiliaomt贵族宝贝/, do URL weight

we can see that some words are red, some words are black, red is rosy, so why is red? Because the search results contain the keywords we search, also called matching, matching several models, a look at:

summary: a good website title can have ranking opportunities and brings users, write a title at the same time, we have to consider the site has no flow transformation, transformation is not that we do business station to write the title of the site is a science, not all of the key words in the title of one by one the < >!

2.: all the matching search results contains keywords, but the middle order or keywords interval;