Love hospital Shanghai promotion how to improve the performance and reduce the cost

1. as more competitors to join, the same keywords to get past the same ranking need to pay more costs, which led to the hospital of Shanghai sex promotion costs more and more high.

4. if competitors poor promotion (except for site problems and questions), he can think of is the first keyword ranking problem, then the other will try to raise the price of keywords to get better ranking results, so you rob me who is unwilling to lag behind the behavior is the final result of the promotion costs continue to increase.

2. more advertising to let customers have more choices, leading to the hospital in Shanghai to promote the appointment rate was significantly lower in love.

Keywords: access to

first layerKeywords


I have PPC sales funnel is divided into six layers, respectively is: 1. get 2. keywords; keywords classification grouping; 3. creative writing; 4. pages to undertake production; 5. trigger conversion time; 6. consultation appointment, then I bring you a detailed analysis.

looks like a PPC promotion sales funnel in the most simple, we can use keywords love Shanghai background recommended tools easily get a lot of keyword resources, or directly to the work off to love Shanghai.


3. we cannot exclude other peer monitoring no keywords ranking habits, their ranking in monitoring keywords at the same time as long as there is a little out of responsibility for work, we cannot guarantee that their mouse will not move to our own hospital advertising, and click on the trigger. So every day, how much money we have such invalid points off real can’t guess.

even in the fierce competition this case, although the hospital may choose to quit, but could not prevent a new hospital to join the ranks of Shanghai to promote love, how in the fierce competition in the love of Shanghai effectively reduce the promotion cost, this is Yu Bo to share with home today.

said the hospital network marketing love Shanghai keyword promotion is bound to say, his importance and effectiveness it is self-evident, because of this, love Shanghai into a hospital doing the promotion of network marketing choice, through sex with more and more benefit to promote Shanghai hospital, more hospitals have also joined the ranks of network marketing. At least we have chosen to love Shanghai keyword promotion, so

will directly lead to such problems

in the analysis of how to reduce the cost of promotion of Shanghai love before I take you to become acquainted with the PPC network promotion sales funnel. The sales funnel through the PPC promotion (love Shanghai promotion) the whole process, we are familiar with in it can clear to control each link, make each link to minimize the loss, so as to effectively reduce the cost of promotion in the promotion achievement at the same time.