How to shorten the period to change the meta site is down right

Li Yang Shanghai dragon blog once again by the love of Shanghai down the right, domain and site. The love of Shanghai were not in the home page. This is all I change the site meta to blame, because I do not consider the line on the website before the keyword site is set up, occurred yesterday, I set the opinion of a lot of people in the QQ group, everyone says my website the original meta is not reasonable. Keywords setting is not reasonable, originally the keyword of the website is a Guangzhou website design, the word, taking into account the conversion of words, there are too professional, to find the real website customer service may not be too much. So I took all of the site’s meta made a change in yesterday, today the site is love Shanghai by reducing the power to deal with. The website frequently more annoying meta, will certainly bring the website is put in the study period. Today, I want to say is, the website meta brings down the right to how we handle it? To minimize the cycle to restore the site.

through the above four work, I believe that this blog will be updated at the next love Shanghai, "


, the search engine is very love content, no matter how to change the quality of the search engine algorithm, it is very necessary to establish. Try to update the original articles on the site every day, a few false original article, a day of work to do. In order to increase the number of search engine spiders to our site, let our website through early study period.

4, the website Links work, this time we need to look for high quality Links, find some snapshots, included frequency fast, powerful outside chain, ranking good, weight high site Links. Through Links work, let the spider to visit our website again, increase website crawl frequency.

!The quality and quantity of 2, increase the content of

site external optimization is ongoing work, since the site has been love Shanghai in the study period, this time, we do not give up the optimization of the site work. This time more need to increase the workload, try to go to some high quality, high weight website, forum, blog site outside the chain, to attract maximum spider crawling. By this method, the spider to our site, increase the site is the chance to grab a spider, so as to shorten the period of study website.

1, after the website can not arbitrarily change the meta of the website, if not to doing so, try not to big changes to the site of the whole meta, may be appropriate to make adjustments, can add keywords, reduce some of the words. If new words, I suggest site stability after considering to modify the meta of the website, the old station, a little weight than the new, can modify the. We have rules to amend, modify a little like this week, next week, a little modification, do not like the ocean Shanghai dragon blog, today revised once, tomorrow is revised once, try to grasp the "degree" to modify the