Love the sea will not carry out the rumor Shanghai dragon paid service

said in a statement, stressed that the Shanghai sea love, love search natural result collection and sorting, a set of strict program automatic calculation and arrangement, without any third party effect. Love Shanghai to encourage developers and website webmaster optimize and improve the user experience of web search, but firmly opposed to the malicious behavior of Shanghai dragon.

(Search engine optimization) Shanghai dragon is the search engine optimization, which in order to enhance web search engine natural search results (non commercial promotion results) included the number and ranking position and do optimization behavior, its purpose is to get more free traffic from search engines, and better display image. With the rapid popularization in recent years, the search engine on the Internet, malicious cheating Shanghai dragon is also growing, part of the content is not high quality website, in order to obtain the flow, to earn income, often resort to various means of cheating, to improve their ranking in the search engine. This "bad money out good money" approach, not only seriously squeezed the high-quality original website ranking space, because of the poor quality of content, even mixed with a lot of fraudulent information, often easy to mislead users, even cause the loss of property security of Internet users, for the healthy development of the normal user search experience and Internet industry caused serious damage.

recently on the Internet about the "love for sea and the third party payment service launched in Shanghai dragon" rumors, in May 30th, Shanghai love Webmaster Platform issued a statement on its official micro-blog denied: "love Shanghai Shanghai dragon does not provide any services, not to launch the so-called pay Shanghai dragon service. For some of the rumors, rumors have an ulterior motive, we retain rights through legal means to safeguard their own rights."

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so, for a long time, love Shanghai in strengthening technological innovation, constantly optimize the search results at the same time, has also been continuously through the anti cheating algorithms upgrade, to increase efforts to combat malicious behavior of Shanghai dragon, lower quality of the site in the search results show.

statement, love Shanghai also reminded the majority of owners to remain vigilant, do not believe the so-called commitment of some third party companies, to avoid unnecessary losses, any website and scheduling problems, can be linked to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform feedback center 贵族宝贝 zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/feedback, also can report complaints by 贵族宝贝help.baidu贵族宝贝.


love Shanghai Webmaster Platform statement:

love Shanghai search natural result collection and sorting, a set of strict program automatic calculation and arrangement, not subject to any third party, love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng will not provide any services, more.

recently, there are rumors that "love Shanghai and third party payment services launched in Shanghai dragon", in this regard, we solemnly declare as follows: