Web site Chain Optimization Extreme five

is the so-called, everyone is really good, so Web page popular is of no use, we want to make every page of the website to let more people love, this can really make a website is more visitors really love, so how to let these not welcome page by welcome page is not popular up? It is because the page is not seen by more people, so we will page and other popular page link, then the final, not welcome page will gradually popular.


four, not trying to use the inside pages to do some high

, to adhere to the implementation!The three

what is the word of Gao Pan? Sina NetEase are doing, why are we going to do such a word? And do not realize the word, so as we find some feasible word, so that we can better play the advantages of our website.

why let the popular page more popular? Is very simple, because users love the page is the search engine love page, when a page has been users love, so we do not enjoy this page to bring visitors to the website, but should consider how to make the page more the love, so that this page has been maintained by more people love to visit.

, let the popular page more popular

three, the welcome page link

two, let not welcome page popular

how to make popular page more popular? How to make unpopular pages popular? It is so simple, so that all visitors love pages are linked, in some is not very popular in the page link it up, then ultimately it will make our page will be users love, at the same time, it will give the love to our website search engine.

are not put, even if your strategy in good, if you can’t stick to it, if you can’t work hard will you strategy to do, not to execute him mercilessly, then finally still do not have much effect, you know

, five,

of course, no matter in the chain strategy we are good, but there is always a point is the same, it is the site of the contents of the article, the quality will directly.

webmaster line has not unfamiliar, whether personal or business, has been gradually step into the website optimization industry, more and more people into the means of Shanghai dragon line of competition will be more and more, how to in many competition and talent shows itself? Adhere to is necessary, but we must be one point to the extreme, how, if each influence factor of website ranking we have done, then why not the website ranking? As in the chain, you have to do it? If not, then look at how to do a website in Hefei Shanghai dragon chain