Several K Station Detected Shanghai Longfeng practitioners immature

8.25 over the past several days, but there are still many webmaster complaining in the webmaster, said his website in half, in the fall of such words, small static and not cold, just feel when K storm comes, we should seek the solutions more effectively, this is we should have the attitude, from June to August, several large-scale K station, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners have a lot to the progress of local.

then you will see, when K station storm comes, there will always be some emotional.

two: the existence of dependence, always hope the Savior of

Mature The transaction?

site was K for who, who do not feel comfortable, this is inevitable, just like a small quiet before Taobao off site one day there are hundreds of pieces of income, in July the K station directly to the site to be plucked, everything back to the liberation. From a money making tool to nothing, I think this gap must let people have the heart to die, but small static know again sad no use, now is the most important to look at other sites right hand, do not let their losses doubled. But some other webmaster behavior is not so rational, a pick a vulnerable, especially the novice webmaster, stand in love with Shanghai several times for no reason K station, can be said to be suffered, hard to adhere to the original, the chain was eventually released K station, is to have to wash my hands, because the more efforts are not to return, even with some sad words. This is our practitioners in the face of adversity is not mature, as the saying goes, often in the river walk, which have not wet shoes, besides love Shanghai vexatious is not a day for two days, when your website is K, you have to do is to calm the network construction process analysis, find out the suspected murderer. May be you outside of the chain is not stable enough, you may also be the original content is not enough, there may even be love Shanghai fire, this time we have to make a certain degree of recovery according to the analysis results, but then back even if can not find the reason and how, we are not lost no coward, as long as we can make a careful analysis, every failure into the next way, then success would not have to stand on our side.

is not a mature: there is no strong heart, once the K station is unable to resist sustain the blows

sometimes small static just think, if one day the Shanghai website K us out, that we are not dead? May be outside the industry friends will think that we will not die, because after all, there are other search products, we can still get traffic with other products, but the actual situation is if we the site was sealed so we love Shanghai, is to be sentenced to death. So there must be a small static reason, because now the love in Shanghai China search field champion, can be said that every webmaster more than half of the flow is given by love Shanghai, love if Shanghai doesn’t give us traffic, so we rely on what to propagate in the