Smart is not beyond the excavation of Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai Longfeng have overlooked an important problem, that is we don’t have to go beyond the others, competition is expensive, and become the first person to eat crabs would be easy to run clean gold. How to become the first person to eat crabs in the Shanghai dragon, is very simple, as long as you can continue to explore.

three, appropriate watch tv. Although the rapid development of Internet China, but television is still the most important media for people to obtain information. For example, which TV show fire, which actor red, which companies to launch a massive advertising, will eventually be reflected in the network. Especially popular in recent years, TV shopping, in fact, can be extended to online.

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, take part in some social activities. People are from the reality of people, most of them also needs and the reality life. Therefore, many people and chat with you will have a lot of harvest.

Shanghai Longfeng for what I’ve been asking myself this question. The traditional Shanghai dragon is to optimize a keyword and beyond the competitors, to get a better ranking. But the development of the Internet today, it can be said that each make people understand the importance of Shanghai dragon, so those popular keywords very fierce competition, here to become extremely difficult to gold. For because of personal webmaster, and the very wealthy company grab business in the face of tough easier said than done, we only have a ranking, heave great sighs.

Shanghai dragon competition is the need to pay the price, sometimes the price even The loss outweighs the gain. If we choose according to the ability is still shallow, not beyond may be a good strategy.

As for how to identify high-quality

two, read more books, more reading. Although not see many loopholes in the shadow of the Internet industry, but must be able to find in the bookstore. As the saying goes, read ten thousand books, traveling thousands of miles. Reading can not only edify sentiment, the growth of knowledge, may also allow us to discover a new world. And for the newspaper, I suggest you look at the advertisement plate, from the dense in the box you will have unexpected harvest.

mixed network friends are mostly Indoorsman family, these friends of well aware of the dynamic network, but for a lot of things in reality but do not quite understand. For example, we all know that the teacher’s work is teaching, so many people do education website will always to the teaching method, teaching design, teaching courseware for keywords, and as a teacher, in addition to the daily teaching, there are many forms of work to do. For example, to write political study notes, unit test paper analysis, report and so on. In order to reduce the workload, they will always be the first time to think of the Internet, the disappointment is very little of the resources on the network. So you want to get good rankings in an easy job to do this gap in the market.

keywords, the author summarizes the following methods.

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