The effect of junk code website optimization

well, good article code or is more conducive to the correct code love Shanghai spiders crawl should be like? As shown in Figure 2:

as everyone knows, the website is a part of the core site optimization, high quality, good content of the article is to search for web site optimization.


Figure 2: clean the code

although the visitors are not aware of, but love can really grasp the Shanghai search spider to, obviously it is not good to optimize. As shown in Figure 1:

from the Wenzhou network science and technology company Tree mushroom cool, please indicate the source!

do not know if you have noticed such a detail or say writing habits, a lot of people are using the Word document to the editor, and then paste directly posted on the website. As we know, Word document editing and there are a lot of malpractice is easy to produce a lot of junk code, if the code is not garbage, throughout the article is the inclusion in the junk code.

, but not to regard it as right in the article, the days and months multiplying junk code, your site is filled with a lot of junk code, the image point of metaphor, for the love of spiders in Shanghai, this site is a huge garbage dump, has not yet begun to have been able to smell the smell of the garbage, your website is still want to get the praise, may be

comparison between figure 1 and Figure 2, is not very intuitive experience to good article code more concise and clean, and figure 1 in a lot of garbage code will allow you to look at the mess, after comparing the two pictures, you feel the love of spiders in Shanghai which one will love is obviously? Figure 2 clean and concise article code.

Maybe you

with the quality of love Shanghai search engine to the increasingly high demand, valuable content, good viewing effect and so on has become an important standard to evaluate a love Shanghai website article, many owners are also in the quality of the content on time.

so, how to remove the junk code? From the source, use a text document in add article before (don’t ask me what it is, I will despise your text document) to format, and then the article will be added to the website.

Figure 1:

of course, part of the article is the site optimization, we in the optimization process especially need to pay attention to the details of the problem, most of the time, the big problem of website optimization effect is not good because it is usually some little details and snowball influence the overall score of love Shanghai.

lots of junk code style