Shanghai dragon is not all the network marketing

currently Shanghai dragon is in a quagmire of vicious competition, most of the Shanghai dragon Er into the outer chain specialist position, can the static under heart to do little Shanghai Longfeng, currently has a lot to do is to rely on a variety of Shanghai Longfeng acquisition tool and chain group tools. Sometimes an article has been repeatedly, repeatedly pseudo original acquisition. Duplicate content caused a huge burden to the acquisition of spiders, Wuhan Shanghai dragon through observation, now love Shanghai to greatly enhance the ability to identify the false original, as in the last year, as long as a little bit pseudo original basic will be included. Since the beginning of 2012, I found that included the pseudo original content is very difficult. Many webmaster complain, Shanghai dragon really has become more and more difficult. I think the Shanghai dragon is a kind of method of network marketing, there is no need to put all the energy in one basket. Because the Shanghai dragon field, not the lack of a chain of the commissioner.

I took an enterprise of Shanghai Longfeng list at the end of the year, the company has launched several new products, as long as you didn’t spend keywords that product make up. But the traffic is scanty, forced sales pressure, so the author only. At that time, collected a lot of industry forums, each forum for a dozen small, the beginning is every day to send advertising inside, at the beginning because of direct advertising, many posts are administrator deleted. Then just using the account in question to beat around the Bush, then his return to the telephone and web site. Every day his own post top to the home page, won the big show rate. Directly through the forum to consultation telephone also many. Personally think that the promotion effect is obvious and the QQ marketing, although the method is simple, but it has very strong pertinence, such as I do the electrical testing equipment, I will collect me information, to understand what are the common products, we can not take each other.

is influenced by the environment of electronic commerce, many companies want to enter the industry of network marketing, but in real time to carry out this work but don’t know how to start, plus a company or individual wantonly overstate the role of Shanghai dragon, makes a lot of enterprises and companies that all the essence is the network marketing of Shanghai dragon. Admittedly, Shanghai dragon can bring traffic to the site, but the network marketing success need is various methods of marketing combination.

with the Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, you can consider to carry out other forms of marketing, through the Shanghai dragon just to make your site keywords have good rankings. Similarly, other marketing way also can give you the product brings good exposure, when you are in your customer groups which have a good reputation and become the brand you worry that your site does not flow


true warriors, dare to face the K website and not on the home page ranking. But I do not know how many Shanghai dragon Er is true warriors, or a drift, the chain was kidnapped.