A small sense of theory and practice of Shanghai Dragon

theory and practice itself is closely related to knowledge, every time to see the theory, every time I heard lectures, every time I think of those searched books can always see the word, every time I see is fried rice posts on the forum, you feel ya pear? Theory is always others, practice always be yourself, someone else’s article is always someone else, you need to do is to use the others to write their own theory, those are your own.

: see a lot of people say, we have to change Links, we are looking for high quality Links, high quality Links well, and so on various things, but how to specific operation, how do the process mentioned, we share the experience instead of some of the most basic try.

two: we have to analyze the structure of the site, see a lot of people are saying that it is important to do well in the station optimization, website structure, good keyword density, good keyword distribution, and we should look for yourself, how to do in the station optimization, H tags, tag tags, site maps, page 404, web log analysis, etc. is specific to the part of the investigation, how to do optimization in practical work, how to maximize the spider index, how to use nofollow and so are we should practice work.

on the theory, have been naive to think that after reading many books that Shanghai dragon is very simple, had a Book continuous reading N times, but found that when you are actually in the face of a website or when the feeling by don’t know where to start, here is the empty talk; that time I read a book on the Shanghai dragon, go to the forum, blog, and so on, we go to the chain, already know the forum, already know the blog, but only book knowledge, do you know how to go to the forum? Do you know how to maintain the blog? These, perhaps only reading is absolutely unable to grasp and, you can say, the book says is right, I know what is the Shanghai dragon, I know how to do the optimization, is nothing more than the content and the chain; these seemingly is Shanghai dragon know Or, say, the book is that the principle of search engine? How do you know some rules up? The book is also unable to get the theory is always theory, not practice is always talking.

learned about the practice, Shanghai dragon knows the importance of practice, not practice, Everything is nothing, every practice, is the feeling of theory and ideas, the most simple, we should know that under the guidance of the theory, do what we should do, then simply said next, let’s discuss the mode of practice.

I bought 2 books, but learn down, do not feel a thing, no matter how strong theoretical knowledge, even if you can memorize all the knowledge, but if you do not take out personally, you still do not know what, this is practical and not do something small, gap. Also do it well again, and in the theory of practice, also can.