A new algorithm to update the noble baby hummingbird zhengju search Era

NO. The noble baby said: do not need to worry about, high quality original content will still have very good ranking, hummingbird is to help the baby can better distinguish the nobility and deal with these contents.

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penguin, panda and other updates are part of the overall logic of the nobility baby update, this is the logic of the hummingbird completely changed. The update brings a new algorithm for logic noble baby, although these logical algorithm will contain some old algorithms such as penguins, pandas, etc..

update, will affect the search results about "nearly 90%". And the aristocratic baby repeatedly mentioned, hummingbird algorithm can more quickly resolve the entire problem (rather than search word parsing) from the index of the contents of

algorithm (Penguin) and Hummingbird penguin, Panda (Panda) the updated "updates", what is the difference between

hummingbird to bring us what

search results based on keyword matching search engine will be buy iPhone 5S as the main search word search, and hummingbirds were more concerned about the semantic and user needs, because there was closest place, so the bird will be near the store address and other related results are returned. (personally think that this means that this kind of long tail word well done)

will make Shanghai dragon hummingbird disappear?

(Knowledge Graph) as the knowledge map and the great > Hummingbird


did not reveal too much about the noble baby hummingbird algorithm technology details. But they said, this is the 2010 "caffeine" (emphasis on speed and integration of social network search results on a

I think

PR algorithm was replaced by


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baby aristocracy to answer is NO. PR is the more than 200 index which is an important algorithm in a hummingbird a hummingbird, the algorithm will importance to calculate the page according to PR, of course, in addition to PR, the content of the page will be based on the hummingbird algorithm quality, the contents of the text and other content grammar to content the score.

also said the noble baby hummingbird will pay more attention to search all the words in the request is to ensure the integrity of semantics, noble baby said goal is to match the hummingbird algorithm to update the page better meaning, rather than matching some keywords. (this will be ranked higher?)


What is the

noble baby one example is Conversational search (search for my personal understanding of dialogue, scene search)


in answer ranking and recognition. In addition, the noble baby said, this algorithm has been deployed for several weeks.