A new RP value chain and improve the release

on the other hand, we will choose to buy links in the A5 platform to purchase the appropriate link, when we first consider the purchase link is the site of the PR value, we choose between PR3-6 and our website relatively high correlation, the snapshot is best in two days, the number of the best friends of the chain 50, so the search engine will be included in a short period of time, the equivalent of the industry within the scope of a good web site for you cast an important vote, the weight will naturally come up.

as a Shanghai dragon, the chain can be said to be the first step in the optimization to go out, is also a crucial part, everyone knows that it is heavily weighted in the weight distribution of search engine. How to send the chain has been the promotion workers the most headache is the problem? Where is


then we’ll talk about the chain of work:

also is the site of the original. For the old station weight high, the original is not the original importance is not great, it basically will be included in the search engine, but for a new station in terms of words that we, the original is very important, a good example, our web page article we use is the collection tools if we put the collected articles directly copy and paste it, the probability of either Google or love Shanghai included will be very low, but if we had the depth of the pseudo original (written here we are talking about is our editorial staff for the event), two search engines will be included very good.

through the summary of long-term work, and Google update time love of Shanghai should be in the end of the month, about 20. But a renewal after, indeed several happy few worries. It makes you engaged in the site optimization is very trouble, how to improve the site PR and the chain included data to catch up with the pace of updating

on the one hand, for the new station, because the site itself PR is low, so in exchange for high PR link is not easy, despite efforts to exchange to some very good website, but the efficiency is very low. So we reduced our site requirements, no longer simply look at each other web site the PR value, more attention is paid to the relevance of the website and snapshot collected. Because a website PR even if high, a few months for a trip, we even do the link, the search engine is also very difficult to crawl, let alone give us the weight.

1, the chain of hair to the chain is derived, which must be the chain anchor text format. Some owners sent a bunch of did not find the weight increases, the reason is that the links are not the chain, basically he is.


Shanghai dragon has become the trend of today’s network, search engine has become a people’s love. Today to share new experiences to improve the PR value. I hope to a lot of advice.

first is the chain how to send the problem: