How to optimize the web page is better

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page chain optimization. In the optimization of the chain before we have repeatedly referred to here, need to explain some problems:

a good website gives users useful information is through the final landing page display, page optimization bad directly determines a site of the Shanghai dragon ranking. How to optimize the web page is Qiao said Shanghai Longfeng forum webmaster to share content. Page optimization includes several aspects: Keywords page layout, Page Title Optimization, optimization of chain page, the page chain optimization.

first, the beginning of this article do not take the link. Users began to read your article has not fully understand your content, hurry to guide users to other pages, this is obviously not true. Therefore, this article starts with don’t chain.

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title column + keywords + brand word or title + brand word, or the title + column key words these three ways. This way we can see that if the title of the article by long tail keywords for an exact match, that this quality is good, be included in ranking will be very good to show. In order to bring the long tail words flow. This is what we want to say second points: the Page Title Optimization, it is easy to understand, with the keyword layout, the final page title title + brand word, only need to master the matching principle, it will be able to get good rankings.

page layout optimization. First, we have said before, to a small but beautiful quality web site. The page title is the three or four best keywords is appropriate, then add brand word. As I was in Shanghai dragon training. Key words: home can set Shanghai dragon training + Shanghai + Shanghai + video tutorial dragon dragon brand word. The home page keyword is not too much, we may understand this, if the home page weight is not high, the weight of each keyword will share very little, the bigger the denominator, the smaller the value, is the truth.

the previous tutorial to teach you how to develop dozens or even hundreds of long tail keywords, these words we pick key to the layout of each page to go to. Besides the Columns page, this page is a column page, this column page we

[map] Huaqiao Yu Garden Room 2 Office 1 Wei 2 72 square meters in Shanghai surrounding second-hand housing – Shanghai 58 city

] Shanghai real estate network Shanghai real estate information network – Shanghai 58 city

this column page keywords layout is very reasonable, we learn about such patterns when do the layout of keywords.

layout too many keywords, one to two. We look at the column page layout of 58 city has done very well, we can learn from. In Shanghai real estate column as an example:

page layout. Look at the city’s 58 page layout:

second, page do not add page >