Multi picture less text website home page how to do the optimization of Shanghai Dragon


we are in a home to put a lot of pictures is to increase the user experience, to meet the user’s senses, for example, we need to show the meaning sometimes have to use some pictures to show, and even the use of no ordinary user computer font description, also generally use the words written on the picture. Here I am from several aspects in more detail about some of my personal views.

, ALT, and other conventional optimization methods that. You know this, because the search engine can’t grab pictures on the content, but can identify pictures of ALT information, and we need to see the text search engine written in ALT information have become a common practice, it is because I don’t have much to say here. The map is in order to affect the overall visual conditions reduce the total number of requests "volume and improve website loading speed, and whether it is on the user or search engine is very good. In addition to the use of more high-quality server is also a good way to optimize Shanghai dragon.

The first

is a unified trend in the current web site, is in the visual impression has great impact, in fact, to achieve this purpose are often use high quality pictures to help the. Websites such as games and art service enterprises and other types of official website can often be seen by a lot of pictures to decorate the home page. And we all know the search engine is not to recognize the picture above, of course may have the same ability in the future, but at least now haven’t done; you know love is search engine load quickly and let yourself successfully grab the data at the same time, increase the user experience more advocate.

second, for different search engines and users. This way I get from an open source web application in inspiration, we all know that enable pseudo static is to let the search engine better included, of course now, the search engine has solved the dynamic URL problem and the program included; a built-in function is the division of search engine and user, if it is a search engine the use of pseudo static URL, and if the user is using the default natural dynamic URL, thereby reducing the server load. Here we are the same, such as some of our special appearance of the font can only write in the picture above, of course, to support the font in the CSS3 server, but it will not only allow users to the client when the first visit to download the corresponding font file, so as to influence the speed, more important is that many users browser the new property does not support. But the picture of the text is to the user, the search engine is invisible; so we need to get a search engine to see users do not see the good. That is the position in the picture, add a DIV, and in which we want to write on the search engine to see the contents, and then put the height set to 0. This can avoid the ALT information is suspected of cheating, because it does not affect the user experience also.