How to improve the new keyword ranking to the home in a month

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2, the update is updated regularly; each website survival magic, small sites are generally five o’clock to update a high quality content, no less than 500 words best pure original articles, this point not too much to say.

even after the review period, also do not represent what, the key point is the website ranking, a web site keywords ranking position number will directly determine the site and the value of life and death. Today we will discuss how to simple new sites in a month to promote the keywords ranking

1, outside the chain of stable release; will spend about 2 hours finishing the day the chain included and released small every night for the chain of relatively stable, need to increase efforts to release must be completed to determine whether the chain included.

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4, regular promotion; centralized web site information effectively in a certain period of time, such as QQ group, know peace, micro-blog and other public platforms, here is the so-called effective user effectively, rather than spam. And this kind of promotion way is different from the chain, it pays more attention to the effectiveness of.

home page?

3, the website structure optimization; because of the previous web experience, so for new sites, site code language, website structure, URL link requires good planning, try to choose the spider love Shanghai love platform station, also URL directory link design must be reasonable, in the form of short URL link is preferred.

for the new station, the most sad is that the review period, the review period in general site only included the home page, but this does not mean that the site only included the home page, but love Shanghai not put out, so the new station is no need to worry too much about this problem. In a small series of web experience, the new general examination for a period of 1 months to 45 days.

well, these are small summary of the railway station, how to improve the keywords ranking techniques to the home in a month, welcome to put forward different views and opinions.

more than two words [PM2.5] and PM2.5 [ranking real-time real-time query] the heat index were 214 and 2703, respectively seventh and tenth beloved Shanghai home; especially after a keyword, the heat index is high, that is how to improve the keywords ranking to the home in a month? Xiaobian summary the following several points: