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here for 8 years in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, which summed up one of the most important experience and share: see a snapshot of the site, if the site has a serious problem, you will find traces from the snapshot in

second, can log in Shanghai Webmaster Platform love, look at the recent capture abnormal, this function is very good, the last is landing BBS, learn how to respond to other webmaster, whether it is a batch processing, the same right down, always have a common cause, so a few years to.


: See also LOG server logs, whether there are abnormal capture, for this, some time ago also met, because the love of Shanghai upgrade website a few years ago snapshot information was turned out to grab, this time: if a large number of pages before there is a problem, it will cause the site to drop right. Why didn’t drop right? Because the previous search rules is now perfect, typically, is the search engine to turn old, give you a "reverse"

every day most concern is whether to enhance the website ranking? And the right to drop the word is the most reluctant to see the nightmare! But, inevitably, any website right down may, but do you really know how to properly deal with the down right? Wrong way, will let the long-term site cannot be recovered, to pay the east to


two, find the real cause of

don’t think the website ranking suddenly gone, must be right down, the face of this situation, the recent owners if not the site has sensitive operation, such as website. So webmaster need to do is just a word: "three days", if not recovered, then the corresponding operation is not late.

three, how to solve the problem of the correct

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find the site problem, began to modify? How to properly solve the problem, which is also a key point, first of all I want to say is: do not directly on the server changes, especially the kind of short time cannot be modified after repeated problems, spider grab your different version of the page, is not conducive to recovery the normal station, can’t take this.

, a website is really right to be reduced

there are a number of webmaster, as long as the site is down right, to proceed immediately to make changes to the site, but are you sure you think of the problem, causes the site down right? If not the cause of the site problem, this time to make changes, is undoubtedly on the website of the snow on the cool, normal the changes in the website, there are a lot of attention, you’re not a normal

because a lot of the time, belong to the search engine to adjust the rules, lead to a large number of website ranking is not stable, after the adjustment, ranking immediately restored, such a situation is very common.