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is a site of the highest weight is the home page, so ranking the strongest is home. Just so, webmaster always put the most important words in the home page, so the search results returned by the first five pages or ten pages in the website homepage to occupy the position number >

through bidding

since the emphasis is the number of results then of course is how much more quantitative, but comparison of this method is a good non natural ranking results obtained by keyword bidding number, since these words can make businesses rushing to love Shanghai money to get a more forward position, they can help these businesses to obtain greater benefits, so these words are very commercial value, since it is so, so that more businesses through bidding, on behalf of the more competitive keywords.



A number of search results from

this method is compared with the first method and improved a little, because we all know that a web page is the most important key words often appear in the title, so the title page contains keywords is the main competitors and we compete, we can use this number of results were compared to determine the degree of competition in the key words.

the number of query keywords instruction

four, five or ten page page number

the number of search results that we through the search engine search keywords in the results returned by the first page display lines such as: "love Shanghai to find relevant results for you about XXX, is the sum of all the keywords of the page. Obviously, the number of search results more representative of the degree of competition is, in general, the number of search results in 100 thousand the following, the key competition is very small, the number is in 100 thousand to 1 million, so the key to have a good ranking there is a certain degree of difficulty, as a result of more than one million, the the word of the competition even more fierce, and once the number of results of more than ten million, so the word competition can only be used to describe the tragic, this is not our webmaster can touch the word.

for the web site optimization before Shanghai Longfeng usually prepare a lot of words, and then these words were screened, and the screening process we will inevitably encounter this kind of situation: Several keyword search index is similar, the meaning is similar, in order to avoid keywords duplication, we must have a choice in the end, that how to choose? Can use a lottery to go. Because the choice of keywords is a very important criterion is to choose those search index is relatively high, the degree of competition should be relatively small, in view of this, so this time we will be judged by the degree of competition for their choice. How should we judge the competition degree of keywords? I through study and practice at the following summary judgment method:

three, the number of

two, intitle